I Used To Get It In Atlanta…


Editor’s note: I needed to return to my parent’s basement in order for me to get some spirit to touch up the keyboard hardbody again. I feel like I have said it all to y’all that needs to be said. No question I appreciate your time coming here and talking that shit with me day in day out, but now its time for me to return back to my life. One more for the road though. One more for all my peeps out there that remember these days when they actually happened and one more for those that inspired me to drop them on this page.

When you are as hard-headed as me it takes a few knocks upside your nugget for you to learn a lesson. I apparently hadn’t learned everything yet when it came to trying to live out the d-boy lifestyle. I made a jump to Atlanta in the beginning of 1993 to see my big homie from the Bronx who had relocated down there. All he would tell me about were the women that seemed to flock to the city in endless droves. Atlanta is a college town at heart, that is where her energy stems from, and the Black colleges in Atlanta recruit some of the baddest PYT’s from all across the country. One of the first times I really encountered a hardbody Detroit chick was from visiting my peoples in the A. Actually, shorty was from Flint which is even more hardbody than the D, but I digress…

I was jumping to Atlanta to mash up with my boy D-Block and dig a taste of the scene down there from his perspective. D-Block wasn’t a d-boy but he knew people that knew people. D-Block got his stacks in other ways but I’m not going to discuss his buisness in as much as I need to tell y’all about the fallout when people perceive you to be making too much money. D-Block made sure that we lived leisurely and lavishly when I was in town. Magic City and Club Nikki’s were the pre-game spots and then Al Capone’s or someone’s townhouse would be where we would end up. We would steady stay rolling back to his crib around sun up. Sleep alll day, play videogames and eat cereal untill 4pm then drive up to the Clark campus to holler at co-eds. This was my dudes lifestyle.

I was all too happy to play weedcarrier to my homey’s madness maybe because I was honestly the weedcarrier. I carried the weed and other sundry contraband.



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    i know a lot of yall DP readers are comic fanboys or sneaker fanboys but on the strength for all my hardcore hardbody Godbody rap listeners, this el-p jeezy remix is something so epic, so gutter, so ill in every way – check the melody – check the beat variations – this is headphone banger music – something real trill:


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    with all due respek…i have to say it the hood way…LEE COCK SPORTEEF

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    Me ha gustado la entsevirta, aunque se echa de menos algún dato técnico de esos que gustan a la gente como potencia instalada, número de luminarias, y esas cosa.Veo que empezáis con fuerza, espero que mantengáis el ritmo, porque la verdad que tiene buena pinta este espacio.

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    "lest it get dirty "Or you start doing it because you're too lazy to want to stoop down for the round.Honestly, I still don't see an issue with what I've always done. I turn the gun over, pull the slide, and hold it back until I see the round in my hand. Rotate the gun back partway to look in the barrel and down what should be an empty grip, and then let the slide go forward (and not by just letting go of the slide).

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    (fix of first comment)We all found each other on facebook and got together every now and then. Then Sean deleted his account.(continue to second comment)

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  9. i don’t get a runny nose when nervous (although i have heard of it before), but sweating can sometimes be a problem. i suffered from allergies and a constantly blocked nose as a kid (had a septoplasty operation about 15 years ago which fixed it). i was extremely self-conscious about sniffing, sneezing, and always having to blow my nose. i had actually forgotten until your vid! i empathised with your gas station and shopping stories. nice going! you quite literally rock

  10. 1 time for the internets.


    Stay up big bro

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