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Thursday, February 28th, 2013

blackson 5

With the closeout of another B.H.M. upon us I thought I should put together a small photo retrospective of what Black History Month means to me. Collect all these images and share them with your family, friends and coworkers.

g dubbz hearts blk ppl


diamonds are forever


turkey hams



reggie hudlin

haiti bwoy

naughty al

thats funny


hungry mike

finders keepers

hoe sit down

the duke


big dave from the group home


boo brown


black code





Life Imitates Art…

Thursday, February 7th, 2013


BeYonce’s performance at the halftime mark of the Super Bowl was a cultural touchstone moment. Even if you weren’t watching the show I guarantee you remember where you were at the moment since it was the most discussed thing in the universe.

For all the strum and drang about the set she performed, the clothes she wore and the deviltry she allegedly professed I haven’t really seen too much media that has entertained me like the image below. I grabbed a cover title from the Sensational She-Hulk and pasted it atop.

The ‘Mrs.Carter Tour’ is coming soon to a city near you. DO NOT call BeYonce by the name She-Hulk tho’. She h8s that and you don’t want to see her angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.


Black Divas Don’t Crack (Jokes)…

Friday, September 7th, 2012

I’m loving this webseries as the antidote to the forced minstrelsy of Vh-1s Love & Hip-Hop, Basketball Wives, et al bullshit. The name of the series is called ‘Got 2B Real’ and the shit is heeeee-fuxin’-larious.

Think about a show starring, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Diana Ross, Maya Angelou and a very special guest appearance from Whitney Houston.

This webseries is the zenith of Hot Ass Mess-ness and Wig Ownership.

Hottentot Venus Music Video…

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Another Hip-Hop paean to big butts, but this time from the G.O.O.D. music camp.

Sadly, no Kim K cameo.

Get Ready 4 Pr0nbots…

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

“We get it in with former adult actress Mone Divine, we uncover Premium Pete’s unrealized dream as aspiring pornstar Jack Hammer, and a whole lot more as the Combat Jack Show runs a 3 hour train.

If you miss this one, Seau yourself. Blaow!”