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Wednesday, August 29th, 2007


My first experience at Daves Quality Meat, NYC…

I don’t want to make any powerful enemies in the NYC sneakerhead scene, so I’d like to preface this drop by saying that I realize and acknowledge that DQM is one of the most respected sneaker boutiques in New York City, and the U.S. My experience was just one experience, of one person, on one day, and is in no way meant to me a thorough review of the store. Dave’s Quality Meat is referred to in sneaker collecting circles as DQM and they came to prominence after a collaboration with Nike on a pair of Air Max 90’s. These joints are affectionately known as the DQM Bacons. A pair of these will run you several hundred bucks so don’t even think about it. When Nike debuted the ‘One Time Only’ package I copped the Air Max 95/360’s that matched the Bacon’s colorways.

DQM Bacons

Thursday is payday, and for a fiend like me, that means Thursday is copp some new gear day. I made a plan to meet up with Dallas after work so we could hit up DQM, as neither of us had ever been there. I wanted to go in the store with a purpose, so I checked their website to browse their stock and pick the kicks I was going to cop. I narrowed it down to two that were both marked as in stock on their site; the Air Max 90/360 hybrid in the Black Lava/Midnight Fog/Chlorine Blue colorway, and the new P-Rod/Free 5.0 hybrid being referred to as the ‘Free-Rod’.

Free Rod

Dallas was chilling at a free concert at City Hall Park so I got to the store before him and did my rounds. The first thing I noticed was that the Free-Rod was not up on the shelves, so I asked the guy behind the cash register if they had them. “We don’t have em” was his curt response. Now these shoes were added to their website two days ago, and if you go to their site, on the first page is a picture of these sneakers marked ‘Recently Added’, so I felt that it was a valid question for me to ask whether they had just not received their shipment yet, or if they were sold out. He looked at me like I had just asked him the stupidest question he had ever heard, and half mumbled “sold out”. Okay, so they didn’t have my first choice, but now let me look for the AM 90/360’s. These were also not on the shelves, so I went back to the cash register counter and I said, “there was also a pair of Air Max 90/360 Hybrids up on your site…” He rudely interrupted me, “Look, if it’s not on the shelves that means we don’t have it, okay?”

He was a dick, plain and simple. Reading about DQM in the past, one of the aspects of the store that their loyal supporters gushed about was how friendly the staff were, and how there was none of that elitist ‘we’re too cool to need your business’ attitude you experience at sneaker and streetwear boutiques, record shops, and other places where the staff act like they’re better than you because they earn minimum wage at a really “cool” store. I did not find this to be true at all. On the contrary, the guy that I dealt with there was acting like such a rude elitist prick, that it almost seemed like he was trying to scare away potential customers who were n00b-ish enough to dare to ask if they had something in stock.

What did they have in stock? Well they did NOT have the Free-Rod’s or AM 90/360’s their site claimed were in stock. They also did not have the AM 90 ‘Wheat Skulls’, AM 90 ‘Elmers Glue’, The ‘Nikebook’ dunk hi’s, or the ‘Navy/Neon/Silver’ AM 90’s – all of which are listed as in stock on their website. They had a shit load of Vans, a ton of Nike SB Blazers, some of the less appealing/less desirable colorways of dunk hi’s. As far as Air Max’s go, they had all of the recent crop of ugly colorway Air Max 1’s, the Major Taylor 90’s, and those busted white 90’s with the square polka dots. Not all that much else.

I left empty-handed, and feeling like unless they release another Tier 0 joint like the Bacon, I can’t imagine that I would have a reason to go there again. I guess it’s a good place to get Quickstrike Nike’s, but I would never go off information on their website again, and I hope that the staff is not usually as rude as the guy I encountered.

DQM Store Review
Pros(+): Quickstrike account with Nike, eclectic selection

Cons(-): Unreliable website info, rude staff, couldn’t find a single pair of kicks in the whole store that I would wear.



Tuesday, August 28th, 2007


Just ride out party people. We’ll be back in a minute.

Pause a/k/a [ll]

Think Twice


The Exclusive

On The One

Anti-American Graffiti


DP Dot Com Super Heroine Series: CATWOMAN

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007


Let me tell you that there are certain super heroines that have a male counterpart that they are romantically involved with, like Elektra and DareDevil for instance, but there is no comic book romance that has been better than that of Catwoman and the Bat. The both of these characters are pathological freaks that have to put on masks to get it up. They are also both the ultimate loners because of their emotional detachment to everything and everyone except for their own agenda. Catwoman, however, can convince Batman to walk on the dark side with her, and he in turn, is the only man that can make her be a good pussy. Maybe that’s why those two love each other so much.

cat bat

I spent Friday night with C.S. watching the ‘Catwoman’ movie starring HALLE BERRY. She is single handedly ruining female super heroines with her horrible acting. HALLE is certainly pretty, but she lacks the strength and the fierceness that her characters require of her. ROSARIO DAWSON would have murdered as Catwoman if the studios were so set on selecting an ethnic goddess for the role. HALLE just isn’t a diva. She is too light in the drawls, if you know what I’m saying? The movie didn’t even maintain fidelity to the Catwoman canon.

Selina Kyle was the name of Catwoman’s alter ego. She made a habit of putting in work as Gotham City’s greatest jewel thief. Catwoman was as fearless as she was cunning. She would rob the Joker if he had something that interested her. Then Batman would come through and put the cataclysmic smackdown on Joker and rescue Catwoman, only to have his face scratched up by her as she escaped. This was her way of telling him that she loved him. Catwoman was a magnificent cocktease and Batman fell for her shit everytime. Every now and again the Bat would turn her over to the authorities, but only after he stuck his tongue down her throat. Keep in mind that these two are freaks of the week with emotional issues.

neal adams

If I ever make a Batman movie it will definitely be a pr0n joint, and it will have Batman and the Joker gangbanging Catwoman. Batman don’t really seem like the dude that would beat fire out of Catwoman the way the Joker would. Batman is more likely to watch from the corner of the bedroom and just masturbate. The one thing I can say is that every woman that has ever been cast as Catwoman was worth a ride in the sack, and a few could get my Batarang twice.

halle berry HALLE BERRY
Yeah, HALLE BERRY is a pretty ass chick, but she looks like the type of Black chick that sleeps funny so as not to muss her hair. And being the Catwoman ain’t all about looks either. There is a sex appeal, a female swagger if you will that HALLE BERRY lacks. ‘Jungle Fever’ = her best acting job.

LEE starred as Catwoman for the Batman movie made in the 1960’s. She was aiight, but I don’t think she had the sex appeal for Catwoman. LEE was trying too hard to be an actress.
lee meriwether

julie newmar JULIE NEWMAR
JULIE NEWMAR was the first Catwoman on the campy Batman television series. She knew exactly what being Catwoman was all about. She used her feminine charm not just on Batman, but on all of the super villains as well. I even think BURGESS MEREDITH hit that joint with his Penguin umbrella.

MICHELLE killed it in the role of Catwoman for the Batman movie directed by TIM BURTON. She was sexy and seducing. Plus crazy as all get out. Of all the various Catwoman costumes I felt like MICHELLE’s maintained the integrity of the character while also giving us a nice little dominatrix look.
michelle pfeiffer

eartha kitt EARTHA KITT
EARTHA KITT was the greatest Catwoman of all time. First off, she was sexy as hell. Her body and her purring voice were so over the top I just wanted to hump my television everytime the Batman show came on. The great GOD above made EARTHA KITT for the role of Catwoman and no one will ever top her performances.


Monday, August 27th, 2007


GABEROCKKA has beasted me out for this drop of the ‘Croc’ pack Air Max 95’s and the Dunks. True story is that the A.M. 95’s were the overall winner for this pack and I will copp them joints mos def if they make it to the clearance rack at Premium Goods.

am 95



Monday, August 27th, 2007


Editor’s note: I’m extremely happy to welcome my homey on board the DP Dot Com team. GABEROCKKA from Flawless Hustle fame will become the Addict’s Field Correspondent because he stays in the streets and he keeps his style way fresher than most. Think of dude as like the ERNEST HEMINGWAY of streetwear styles. Just don’t call it ‘urban’.

The Hero Of The Zeros…

Firmament, in Germany just got themselves a Tier 0 account with Nike. For sneaker fiends deep in the game, finding a store that has a Tier 0 account is like dating the prom queen and hitting it from the back. It’s on some seriously exclusive shit. The first Tier 0 release at Firmament will be the sneakers to go along with the release of the ‘Tech Pack’ of Nike apparel.

tier 0 tech 90s

The first sneaker to surface was an Air Max 90 in a sable green colorway. You may remember sable green as the green in the Air Max 90 ‘Safari’s’ and the SBTG Dunks. This shoe features some camo type designs on the bumper and the upper, and a toe box made of butter soft premium perforated leather. For those of us who are weary of how quickly the standard AM 90 leather toe box starts to show creasing, the perforated toe box is a big plus. The AM 90 Tech Pack also includes a joint with a brown and purple color scheme, and a kind of dark pin stripe design, and a very similar model with khaki replacing purple on the mudguard and accents. My favorite is the first, but cats who dig purple will definitely wanna look out for the other two.

tier 0 tech 90s

tier 0 tech 90s

Adidas is coming out with a vintage snake skin pack. Snake skin has been really popular lately, and Adidas will release a pack of vintage models in various patterns and colors of snake skin. Look out for the Shell Toe, Superstar, and Pro Model to drop soon.


Nike will be releasing a 3M reflective crocodile Air Max 90. The sneaker comes in a pretty simple black/white colorway, but the defining characteristic of these is a black 3M reflective crocodile pattern on the mudguard and upper. Hot!!!

3M croc

Last but certainly not least is the Visvim G Polke Suede. Visvim is quickly becoming one of my favorite shoe/sneaker designers. I would say it’s my second favorite after Nike, but I don’t even know it’s an apples to apples comparison considering the vast difference between Nike and Visvim, both ideologically, and stylistically. I only own one pair of Visvim’s – the Twonbly, which is essentially a slip-on sneaker with a Clarks Wallaby upper and a sneaker sole, and it is probably my favorite pair of shoes in my collection. Visvim to me means comfort first and foremost, but also a very sophisticated, mature design, with clean silhouettes, subtle colors, and premium materials and construction. Unfortunately Visvim’s are very hard to find stateside, and when you do find them they don’t come cheap, usually retailing at $240 and up. Hearing our cries for more Visvim’s in the states, they have launched their G-Line, which is the US only line. Up until now the G-Line has consisted of more loud and garish themes like brighter colors and louder materials like patent leather – a damming albeit accurate testament to the Japanese view of American tastes. The Visvim G-Polke Suede is a departure from that, and a welcome one.


The G-Polke Suede actually looks very similar to the Twonbly (which is ok with me) with two key differences: It has laces as opposed to being a slip-on, and they’ve added two diagonal crinkle cut white stripes on the outer part of the shoe, taking influence from classic Adidas style, which adds more of a sporty feel to the sneakers. I’m pretty sure Union in NYC will be carrying these, as well as Blends in Cali. The release date is currently unknown, and any info on these would be appreciated, as I want to make sure to lock down my pair.

Sneaker Fiends Unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!