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Rap Music’s Van Wilder…

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010


When nobody gave a shit about XXL’s Freshmen 10 concert here in NYC they recruited rap’s Van Wilder to get the people hype. #iHipHop

God Gonna Gat’cha…

Monday, March 29th, 2010


I’m fairly confident that JESUS will have a gun when he comes back to Earth, especially if he plans on hanging out in America. We loooooooove guns in America. Almost as much as we love GOD. Okay, truth is that we don’t nearly love GOD as much as we love guns, but we love righteous indignation, and that’s a way of loving GOD too I think. As a matter of fact we will shoot you over our righteous indignation, because that’s how JESUS would want it. If he had a gun.

Jesus will be returning to the Earth soon to bust his God-given gat. So sayeth a Michigan militia. The FBI has arrested several members of the militia and charged them with sedition. Blacks and Jews are still not off the hook tho’ since this wasn’t the ‘race war’ militia, but the ‘government is the anti-christ’ militia. The race war militia is still getting their shit together somewhere in Colorado.

Wu-Massacre: I’m Copping The Vinyl…

Monday, March 29th, 2010

wu massacre

I’m not copping the vinyl issue of the Wu-Massacre for the same reason I bought Gil Scott-Heron’s album. The cover art for Wu-Massacre was done by Marvel Comics’ artist Chris Bachalo and is a long time coming for the Wu-Tang Clan. I take that back. Bill Sienkewicz merc’ked that Bobby Digital cover, but the Wu-Tang comes from the era of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson’s Daredevil and Ronin artwork. These artists should have been expressed graphically in this manner a loooong time ago. Still and all, Sean Price ‘Monkey Barz‘ cover is the G.O.A.T. comic art album cover.

I’ve been reading so many reviews that have put this collaborative project in the gutter. Not the good rap gutter tho’ which is sometimes referred to as gully. The critics have put this album in the same gutter where you put your basura. Wu-Massacre is not bad at all, but people’s Wu-Tang expectations are constantly in a place that means if the album is not a part 10 of the 36 Chambers then the album is a fail. That shouldn’t be the case. The Wu is till making great music. The fans, if you could call them that, are in another place right now. It doesn’t help the Wu either that they seem to be at odds with their fans as well as their founder.

Wu-Massacre‘ feels like it is only a bit longer in runtime than Gil Scott Heron’s new album. What is the deal with these new EP albums? I guess if people aren’t going to pay for their music anymore it doesn’t make sense to give them a full length LP. It does figure that my favorite track was RZA produced. Wu-Tang is forever bitches and this concludes my #Musix Monday drops.

Meth, Ghost, and Raekwon – ‘Our Dreams’

Meth, Ghost, and Rae feat. Inspectah Deck, Sun God – ‘Gunshowers’


Sorry Erykah, But It’s The Same Ol’ America…

Monday, March 29th, 2010

zap film

Erykah Badu’s latest music video is an NSFW statement against GROUPTHINK.

Too bad that Mz.Badu’s ‘New Amerykah‘ is being broadcast thru the same old America filled with sheeple and those that would threaten politicians over a health care proposal. Meanwhile, when phones were being illegally tapped and people were being detained unlawfully no one gave a damn.

Now I know why John F. Kennedy was killed…

Gil Scott-Heron: I’m New Here…

Monday, March 29th, 2010

gil scott heron

On Coming From A Broken Home(pt.1)

TWitter users have a popular hashtag designation when they want to “tweet” about music they are listening to. They type #MM for ‘music Monday’. It’s silly groupthink (we’ll talk about this later) similar to the #FF (follow Friday) hashtag, but at the end of the day the internets is a bastion for silly groupthink memes.

Maybe that’s why I bought two(2) vinyl copies of Gil Scott-Heron’s latest album ‘I’m New Here’. Maybe I thought I could zig while the rest of the world zags. I suppose the idea of trying to be an individual is also groupthink on some level. I like the vinyl edition mostly because of the art that was issued inside of the album jacket.

Gil Scott-Heron is an amazingly honest artist. In the sense that what you see is what you get and the pretense is removed and thrown away. His greatest characteristic in his music is his frailty, his vulnerability. I think Gil Scott-Heron’s honesty with this characteristic is what makes him so great. He sits before you naked [ll], yet unafraid. There is nothing that you can steal from him that he won’t just give you of his own volition.

Editor’s note: Our good friend Willis Still Sunsweet forwarded this review he posted online elsewhere…

Had Gil Scott-Heron’s (b. 1949) superb I’m New Here not come out recently, this might have been a threnody. Sixteen years had passed since Heron’s previous album, 1994’s invigorating Spirits; more than a decade lay between that and its predecessor, Moving Target. In the interim he’d been adduced “proto-rap”— reductive praise for America’s greatest living blues singer but that doesn’t get it all either; Heron’s brilliance is too vast to summarize.

Gil Scott-Heron’s 1970 debut, Small Talk At Lenox & 125th, set the lyrical tone, a black Phil Ochs via Langston Hughes, “Whitey On The Moon” with spare percussion grooves. His 1971 follow-up, Pieces Of A Man, was the musical future, with pianist/composer Brian Jackson’s avant soul-jazz arrangements allowing Heron to speak and increasingly sing of everything: “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised,” “Home Is Where The Hatred Is,” “Who’ll Pay Reparations On My Soul,” “We Almost Lost Detroit,” “B-Movie,” an epic evisceration of Ronald Reagan and more. Then darkness veiled his eyes.

In November 2001, as New York State prisoner number 01R5191, Heron began serving eighteen months for “Crim Poss Contr Substance 5th.” In July 2006, as 06R3165, twenty-six months more; again, possession of cocaine. Which travails make I’m New Here all the more staggering. He stares down Robert Johnson and Bobby “Blue” Bland, tries to write a letter but can’t get past “Dear Baby, how are you?” He triumphs anyway. Welcome back, brother.

I’m New Here‘ is unlike any R & B we are accustomed to because the ‘B’ that normally represents the shallow themes of selfish bullshit has been supplanted with the spiritual ‘B’ that belongs to blues music. The blues isn’t supposed to make you feel bad either. The blues should make you reflect on what you can do to make your soul complete. The blues is your humanity and everything that you love. I’ll cherish my memory of Gil Scott-Heron as the most honest, real artist I ever listened to and I thank him for reminding me of my great-grandma.

On Coming From A Broken Home(pt.2)