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Shake To This…

Monday, February 25th, 2013


The Harlem Shake has been one of the hottest internets memes over the last few years and while I generally avoid internets memes if there aren’t kittens directly featured in them I have enjoyed some of the various renditions based on this electronic dance music song called ‘Harlem Shake‘.

The song isn’t about the actual Harlem Shake dance or else it would have never become a meme. The actual Harlem Shake is to dance what John Coltrane was to jazz. The dance is both improvised and wholly formal. These Harlem Shake videos are all improvisation. That is why they are so funny.

My argument is that we shouldn’t get caught up in the formality of the actual Harlem Shake dance. Let white folks have their fun with it. This way we can have our fun too. The little kids from Harlem responsible for creating the Harlem Shake will have to create something else if they can.

The Archives Of Godd Bootgod…

Thursday, February 21st, 2013


Peace to my brother Steele and the whole Boot Camp Clik. I get hype for people who have boot collections as deep as mine. Are y’all ready to get real deep with Timberland boots? I feel like this post is the shut down.

I’ma start y’all off slow with my boot game and then we gonna blast the eff off. Let’s go…



The Sport Ledge trekkers in black and brown. Not a sneaker. Not a hiker. A hybrid trekker.


Gore-Tex trekkers are not to be slept on.






These Gore-Tex trekkers (#44503) are SUPREME. I put them in my top 5 of the Timbs I own. I’ve re-boxed them for the time being until I can get them repaired on the outsole. My foam outsole is starting to break apart. The comfort of these Tims have been remarkable. The outsole is equipped with the Brake Support Flex Propel system. We’ll talk about this later.





BSFP Euro Hikers and one pair of Gore-Tex joints I copped from Marshall’s for $40. I kill myself for not buying all three of the size 12s which were in the store that day.



Cadion Hikers are super lightweight and fully insulated, plus they have a Vibram outsole. I’m still on the hunt for a pair of the early Cadion releases which was all bulletproof leather.




You HAVE to have a pair of field boots in your archives. These chocolate beauties were an A.J.Wright Massapequa Park comeup. R.I.P. A.J.Wright.





Smartwool lined day hikers are for when you want to have a comfortable grown man profile on your foot. Peep that Smartwool insole. When you flip the insole around you can see the interior undercarriage of the Brake Support Flex Propel system.



I’m desperate to find another pair of these shoes called the classic 7-eye(let) moc toe chukka (#59093). Timberland has released several iterations of this classic preppy boot. I want the ones with the Vibram outsole. Rag and Bone did a collaboration with Timberland that came out sublime. I haven’t been able to find my size yet on eBay. Let me know if y’all see a size 12. Not the Newmarket version tho’. No offense if that’s the pair you have.



I did copp some fancy Euro climbers for my sojourns out of the U.S. I feel like I wore these to Paris, or was it Montreal? Wherever it was my passport caught a stamp. You should be like me Internets. I even have a pair of Timbs from when you could still wear your shoes at the airport.








I wanted to end this drop with some of my all time favorites. The World Hiker series from Italy and Thailand. These boots are still some of the best performance based mountaineering boots you will ever find. This was a statement from Timberland about how serious and dedicated they were to the craft of bootmaking. for a dude like me who was already an obsessive fan of the brand I felt like my loyalty was completely affirmed.

I hope Timberland brings back the World Hikers for their 40th anniversary celebration so that the rest of you can catch the ‘bootphoria’ that I’m feeling.

Combat Jack Show: The Lost Tapes

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


The Fuckyberg nation is growing right before my very eyes. It’s a powerful thing to witness and I have to say thanks to all of y’all loyal dP dot commenters who have been riding with me thru all the shit I post on these Internets.

Right below is some audio from the Combat Jack Show crew which didn’t make it to the Star and Buc Wild episode. We still wanted to give you that work tho’.

And I even got some Bonus Beats from Benhameen for ya’ earholes. It just don’t stop Internets.

It. Don’t. STOP!

Neo-Urbanite Boot Swag

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013


The following video is on some grown man boot swag. If you don’t own a pair of Timberland’s already please don’t watch this video. You aren’t ready for this message just yet.

If you are over 30yrs old and you are familiar with the Timberland Boot Company and you live in the urban center or the directly outlying suburbs this video is for YOU.

The Official BOOT CAMP CLIK Chronicles…

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

Smif n Wessun - Dah Shinin cover

For several years I’ve wanted to politic with Steele from Smif-n-Wessun on the Boot Camp Clique Chronicles. Steele is the self-proclaimed ‘Timberland King’ and after I witnessed a portion of his archives I can cosign that statement.

Timberland actually gifted a couple pairs of boots to me so I could issue them to Steele. Under that pretense I met up with the homey to talk Timberland and what the tree logo means to him. I got WAY more than what I bargained for with my visit. Here’s the 1st of three(3) videos I’m dropping with the Boot Camp Clik general.

Stay logged on to for the rest of my interview with Steele where we discuss his legacy in Hip-Hop and his humble origins in Brownsville Brooklyn.