Backpacker Couture

Much love goes out to NAJWA MOSES and the entire STYLEAHOLICS camp for the event that they put together on tuesday night at the Altman Building in Chelsesa. They dub their function ‘THE CLOSET’ and it combines two of my favorite pass-times: shopping and partying. I call it ‘backpacker couture’. You are surrounded by almost thirty of the hottest and most eclectic clothing designers as they set up shop in this gallery transformed into a dancehall. The designers chat it up with you. They take your kudos and your criticism. All the while DJ’s spin everything from rap music to rare grooves and Rick James. The cherry on top of all this was the two-hour open bar.

I have to admit that I slept on NAJWA and her camp but after I saw the whole page write up that this event had generated in the daily METRO paper, I had to reach out to someone to put the kid on the list. The crowd was as diverse as the designers that were being represented. If you are a stylist, an aspiring designer, or just a shopping maniac like me, get yourself linked up with NAJWA.

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  1. Najwa Karam says:

    I Googled for something completely different..but found your page and have to say thanks. nice read….

  2. Hi there says:

    Are you there?…


  3. 911 says:

    You were spammed at an early age… the angst…I see I said.

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