DALLASPENN.COM: Creepin’ While You Sleep


In the middle of the night while most of you were sleeping the crack staff over here at DP dot com (read: me and my Blackberry) were checking for some of the heat on the internets. We have a lot of fun hollering at you on the daily and there are some friends of ours that fuel and frame our thoughts while we do our thang. Peep the game of some of these sites and bookmark as needed…

911 @ The Cynic Life

Check out Encyclopedia Black’s review of The Roots crew single ‘Birthay Girl’. Sonn gets it [ll].

Here’s some shit that crossed my mind. I’ll insert the links when I get back to H.Q. Or maybe not…

  • Hillary should just quit already
  • Y’all need to respect the gangster of big pharma. Niggas like Merck ain’t get their corporate name for no reason.
  • Iraq. Still so very fucked the fuck up.
  • I’m considering declaring bankruptcy in order to get some of the Federal bailout for “upside down” homeowners.
  • G Dubbz attached his economic revitilization proposal to the wiretap legislation.
  • Should companies like AT & T be let off the hook for illegally distributing the private information of their subscribers, which is contrary to their user agreements?
  • Did you see the news report that said cellphone usage is more problematic for cancer than even smoking or obesity?
  • *fat boy kisses his ass goodbye as he lights blunt while typing blogs on Blackberry*

    8 Responses to “DALLASPENN.COM: Creepin’ While You Sleep”

    1. LM says:

      Get me that info, sir.

    2. jdotnicholas says:

      Kunta invented the B-Boy Stance.

    3. Amadeo says:

      I smoke cloves and use a cell…I’m dead.

    4. 911 says:

      I’m Famous. W/o Sickamore. No disrespect. Good lookin’ DP.

    5. Chief says:

      If ‘Birthday Girl’ ft. Mr. Sump is such a good idea, then how come The Roots Crew are leaving it off their North American release?
      I agree with what EB says, but I just don’t get the idea of making such a bold move than leaving the track off your NA release.

    6. Well, it’s still a good idea as far as publicity. It got everyone talking about the new record. All The Roots fans/other people who give a fuck about music got all up in arms and the word “sellout” got bandied about…only to find they got bent out of shape for nothing. Considering that no one batted an eye at the video for 75 Bars where a white dude gets doused in gasoline and (presumably) lit on fire, I guess we should be glad that anyone paid attention to this one.

      @Dallas: how was the listening party?

    7. @Chief: Thanks for reading the review btw.

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