Et Tu ERNESTO, Et Tu?!?

nike che

It seems that between Hurricane ERNESTO and the usual ‘back-to-school’ flurry of consumer activity retail sales are up slightly for the 3Q (third quarter, bitches). I suppose this is good news on one hand because that should get us to the end of the year without and marked downturn. Most of us really go into debt in the next three months with all the traveling and gift giving associated with the end of the year. I still find it ironic that CHE is making money for us capitalist pigs any way that he can.

The real funny part of this post is how money magazines talk about retailers and companies salivating over back to school sales, but nobody gets hype for an education system that works. With the schools going to shit at least the parents will have their kids looking good.

4 Responses to “Et Tu ERNESTO, Et Tu?!?”

  1. Combat Jack says:

    Tell me about it. I had to spend an effin grip this week on some mandatory school supplies. I didn’t know cotdamned eraers costs so cotdamned much!

  2. Amadeo says:

    How about my peeps daughter just started first grade and some of the mandatory supplies are those antibacterial wipes! I guess the era of the snotty nose kid is over. I ain’t into the mandatory winter-season-gift-holidays. That’s the time of year I’m getting myself straight, I won’t blow it by falling victim to “if you really loved me you’d be more of a consumer”.

  3. Tiffany says:

    You’re right Dallas, the school systems are screwed. The kids are stylin’ and profilin’ though…damn shame!

  4. Antagonista says:

    Uniforms, uniforms, uniforms. They are only so many ways you can pimp grey pants and a white shirt. Then they have to be about something else to stand out..hmmm….grades maybe. But then again most schools in this travesty of a system aren’t really teaching the kids anything useful, like how to think critically and apply what they learn. So here’s a radical suggestion how ’bout some of our celebrities, and other infamous folk pool all their bently and bling money and invest in schools. I know, I know that’s just crazy talk. Carry on folks. There are still a few 8-year olds who don’t know how to do the chicken noodle dance.

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