The Storm Has Arrived…

Jay-Z had 9-11 and Sean Price has Hurricane Sandy. Mic Tyson has arrived. Make sure you copp that internets.

Sean P! is a hotdamn fool for this clip right here.

You can’t get mad at Sean for doing his thing to promote this album. This is his final commitment to DuckDown Records so today he officially becomes a free agent. I imagine Sean will resign with his fam tho’. I mean, c’mon, “Boot Camp for life B, but nine times out of ten you can catch me in Nike”

Salutes to my bay’bro P. Hail Meg brother.

7 Responses to “The Storm Has Arrived…”

  1. TED says:


    your jeans colorful, rainbow bright goodnight I can’t fuck with you

  2. Tone Riggz says:

    I have no idea when I’ll be able to cop the CD (I don’t fux with the iTunes store)…Best Buys are closed, no MTA so no Manhattan…Going to have to take a rain check, no pun intended…

  3. BIGNAT says:

    MTA saying 3 to 5 days at least until full service can be restored.

  4. Tone Riggz says:

    Alright, scratch that, Best Buy in Flushing is opened…Bought the album at Best Buy for $9.99…

  5. LEX says:

    Might gotta hit the best buy near woodside Ps and make that cop.. I don’t wanna not have he cd for this one..

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    #BullyRap –
    “I get paid to, make music burst thru walls like Kool Aid came thru (Oh Yeah!)”

    “…keep it clean, sneaker fiend, what it do, Dallas? Decep to death I strike a nigga ’til hand calloused”


  7. VEe! says:

    OK, I’m getting Mic Tyson right now! It’s been a minute since I purchased a joint around the time it came out.

    Amazon is automatic.

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