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Do I ever tell you good folks how much I appreciate the time you spend over here? I’m trying to cull images and simultaneously write several different drops for this site. All the while my head keeps slumping as I fight my fatigue with Bacardi mixed with Apple & Eve Fruit Punch. It’s 100% juice bitches! The grape drink is for Passover. I write these drops at 3-5am and I know they have to be pockmarked with spelling and grammatical errors on the regulack. Thank you for holding your own against my failings.

I don’t know how I feel about celebrations for no good reason, but I just noticed that I have eclipsed more than 1500+ posts for this website. That’s pretty good shit even if I say so myself. I’ve had help from friends old and new and I only ask that your committment to my success remains the same. Ha. No seriously. I regard my success at this site solely in the dialougue that is inspired. I’m a comments junkie. This is why I don’t run ad banners here. I don’t want you to leave DP Dot Com. I don’t want you to click away from here. If you do leave me for a minute then visit the sites on my blogroll. They’re good folks I think.

This is going to be one of those drops that just floats around my head space for awhile.

“I got so much trouble on my mind,
refuse to lose,
here’s your ticket,
hear the drummer get wicked.”

I have wanted to get on here and rip the television show ‘The Wire’ a new asshole. This is some bullshit they are perpetrating, blah, blah, blah, because ultimately, no matter how many center city public schools you have taught in, you cannot tell the ultimate ghetto story. You can’t do it because your real life still frames your values and morality. To get down to the bone gristle, the bone marrow of a situation, you have to live the life. You have to taste the despair firsthand and then let it overwhelm you so that your humanity pours out of you. You have to be empty and cold as ice.

The last of the Peter Pans came to rest in a Corona Queens barbershop Wednesday afternoon. All the evening news programs had a 15 second segment of the story. 15 minutes of fame = 15 seconds of infamy when being ‘hood rich is all you know. I will do a drop on my little big homey, BILLY BANG later this year.

“hit ya back split ya,
fuck fist fights and lame scuffles,
pillow case to your face make the shell muffle,
shoot your daughter in the calf muscle,
fuck a tussle nickel-plated,
sprinkle coke on the floor make it drug related,
most hated”

GOD bless the white man. In his supreme benevolence he has decided to appoint Uncle Ben the C.E.O. of the brand that makes Uncle Ben’s Converted Rice. Ha! Uncle Ben you still a dumb azz nigga. It took you over fifty years to finally get a raise. Jay-Z and HUSTLE $IMMON$ were C.E.O.’s in a fraction of that time. I suppose the next corporate makeover will be homeboy from the Cream of Wheat boxes and then finally Aunt Jemima.


25 Responses to “SELLING BLACKNESS…”

  1. I Fux says:

    The shooting appeared to be drug-related, cops said.

    ^^^Ha-Cops have their own rhetoric similar to athletes saying “I gave 110% percent” negroe please dont you know that shit doesnt even make mathematical sense its immpossible to give more than a 100% unless you and your midget friend tried to tally up his effort and included it into your effort ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh w/e,w/e,w/e………..Dallas who is Billy Bang a little more info on dude for us Non-New Yorkers………………I aslo did an ode to Keith Murray on my blog if you want to check for it………..

  2. Vik says:

    the uncle ben shit is lu-dee-cris.

    damn. with this and the frog princess the cartoon black world is doin pretty well.

    the REAL world???? not so much.

  3. Doc says:

    im suprised to hear u talk about billy bang. he got shot in me & my father’s stomping grounds. i dont know who he is though.

  4. Doc says:

    & what’s up with you & the wire. it’s a GREAT show.

  5. I Fux says:

    ^^^^WTF, Teabag that hoe! I love OutKast but the South Stays Losing

  6. Nas-It’s a NY State of mind, just found a photo I shot of his pops Olu Dara back in 91 with Doug E Fresh, both in Tuxes, him with his horn. Don’t even know where I shot it. Dont give a fuck either. Found a shot of Puffy/Puff/Diddy or whatever the fuck he’s aclling himself these days with a shaved head as a back up dancer and a shot of Mary J as a backup singer, Fat Joe with short blonde hair and blue eyes. Ging thru my files is nuts found CEd with Kane and Jam Master Jay with thick gold ropes in 90. Lame ass Joe Simmons/Rev. Run/Run Run Simmons at a strip joint with Kane. Ill old school photos, back when emcees shouted out Zulu and meant it and color related to your clothes and not your click, and the worst disease you could catch was The Vapors and Biz screamed “IT’s Summertime” off key and did not believe the coed cootchie swearing “He’s Just A Friend”
    Still somehow I believe we will survive (my favorite Nas song). Dallas was a TV show, the web was only a spark in some geeks nut sack and Penn was where you went if you got caught. Peace, Ernie Paniccioli

  7. LM says:


    Congrats on 1500 posts.

    There is no ultimate story, ghetto or otherwise. I think David Simon, Ed Burns and company are fairly humble about what they’re doing, and I think they’re doing it well. Be better if it wasn’t there to be done, but it is.

    Thank God you’re good enough to draw crowds ’cause I know I’m not always effusive. But my goal is to help keep you deep in comments.

    It’s warming up, time for handball. No Omar Little.

  8. The greatest rapper/emcee/poet of all time said “Drug Related” means there don’t have to be no investigation. He also said “The Revolution will NOT be televised”. He also said “The Government You Have elected Is Inoperative”. No stupid, not KRS1, Gill Scott Heron. And if your Dallassspenn fans don’t have at least 10 Cd’s by The Master Mr. Sir. Baba>Gil Scott Heron they need to get a late pass and take that whole semester over.
    I’m gonna say it slow (Not Jill Scott, dumbass) GIL SCOTT HERON. The baddest MF that ever grabbed a MIC period.
    If you ever feel patriotic or that any of that terrorist bullshit and boogeyman shit is true listen to “Winter In America” by GIL SCOTT Heron decades ago or “Living With War” by Neil Young last year. Dallassssspennn rhymes with …… shit it don’t rhyme with anything. Dallasss pen doing it again, hit the bodega with his slick friend……….fuck puffy and JZ………what did Nas say? I don’t like the way he did Shine. Peace, Ernie

  9. miss ahmad says:

    ^^^^winter in america is my current theme song and sound track. my mom’s knew Gil Scott, and I got photos of myself with him as a little one and I must say it was hard for me to see him leave the stage to get a fix during his last show but I’ll always have love for the man.

    and about the wire. i dunno, call me crazy but as a person who grew up in east oakland in the 80’s it reminds allot of what life was life growing up in a crack ridden society that the police were fully aware of and didn’t take action until they felt like killing someone, or shaking someone down.

  10. the_dallas says:

    What up people?

    Ernie, you have been prolific in the comments section lately. This means that someone’s off their meds. I thought I’d see you at the ‘Killer of Sheep’ premiere in Manhattan. Get from behind the computer and get back out on the streets Ernie. Nothing worse to see than a retired artist kicking rocks at everybody.

    I Fux, I will do a drop on Billy Bang this week after I digitize some of my photos of dude.

    Doc, I remember that you know about my old ‘hood some kind of way. Billy and Michael Owens were the quintessential Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. Michael returned to NYC about seven years ago after leaving for several years. As soon as niggas heard he was home they came for him. I saw Mike before he was killed and we both kind of laughed as we caught up. S.W. was still locked up in Virginia and when we spoke about Mike’s murder we both acknowledged that it was GOD telling us to finally grow up. Real bad boys never win.

    LM, there is the ultimate story. It is the story of the wretched of the Earth. The people that are born to die. The story is all truth. I will tell it one day. I’ve been bringing you to that point where I think I am ready to tell it.

  11. I ain’t kicking rocks at nobody. I did my thing now I want to see this generation do theirs. Just remember soon all the playstations, computers and the like will be flowing in the rivers along with all of our houses and cars. if you ain’t grimy, ready to share a rat for lunch and drink rainwater you may just be washed away with the L’il whoever CD’s.
    Will be doing a major, fiery, upsetting speech on April 19th at CCNY and any rumors of my retirement or being on cruise control will be erased. Shit I might even get back into the ring for a round or two with one of the loudmouth MC’s of the moment and then they can add an old fashioned ass whuppin by a 60 year old mack to their resume’. Peace, Ernie

  12. and speaking of divine justice:
    The head of a California company hired by the U.S. government to help build a fence along the Southwest border to curb the flow of illegal aliens into the United States has been sentenced on charges of hiring illegals for the job.
    Mel Kay Jr., 64, founder, chairman and president of the Golden State Fence Co., pleaded guilty in December in federal court in San Diego to felony charges of hiring the illegals and was sentenced Wednesday to six months home confinement, three months probation and 1,040 hours of community service.
    Michael McLaughlin, 42, manager of the company’s Oceanside, Calif., office, who also pleaded guilty in December to charges of hiring illegals, was sentenced to six months home confinement.

  13. the_dallas says:

    GOD has a sense of humor

  14. LM says:

    Looking forward to seeing “Killer of Sheep”… and DP, looking forward to all your stories. Even the ultimates beget more, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  15. Shonquayshah says:

    um, what happened? are you “censoring” shit now?

  16. Shonquayshah says:

    please check your e-mail, gmail, etc!

  17. Shonquayshah says:

    waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting….

    i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna, i don’t wanna wait in vain.

  18. Nigeria says:

    Uncle Ben’s products is still around?

    How can they promote him to C.E.O if he doesn’t exist, is the C.E.O position symbolic or does it hold any significant power.

  19. Gee says:

    I like GSH but I can’t put him up there like that. He was on point and long before his time. BTW…I was one of the workers that got laid off at Gplden State. Keep cranking out those missives!

  20. 40 says:

    Kudos on all you’ve done homie. If I could only be as prolific with penning the 1000s of random thoughts as you are my dude. Keep it comin’ (nullus)…

  21. *looks around see’s chit is above his head* and the stuff that isn’t doesn’t merit a comment…amazons/googles Gil scott heron…

  22. Candice says:

    Congrats on reaching a posting milestone DP.

  23. Combat Jack says:

    Congrats Dallas. Whaddup Ernie, you big ole injun you!

  24. the_dallas says:

    ^Yo whatup CJ?!!?

    Brother Ernie be coming over here to kick rocks and shit. You’d think them niggas wasn’t busy enough with all they casinos

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