Outfit Architecture…


Internets! Be careful what you pray for because God may give it to you.

I begged Combat Jack to add a video element to the show he was recording. Today is THAT future in full force.

Today the Combat Jack television show starts taping in Bushwick Brooklyn. This is my outfit architecture for the show. Navajo lined cardigan with leather elbow patches ($75) and the navajo scarf ($30) from Polo.com thanks to T-Bag’s link.


Sean Price killed me one day saying I wore ‘Big Daddy’ jeans. I may have burned every pair of carpenter jeans I owned that very night.

Strictly 501 button fly classics from here on.


Timberland’s 25th anniversary edition Iditarob superboots on deck.

One word… UnFUXwittable.


Get ready for Combat. Get ready for ComplexTV


Outfit Architecture: In real life


10 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. T-Bag says:

    Damn!!! The fit is retarded my dude.

  2. NWNewmanati says:

    I have that same pattern on the inside of a hoody and I NEED THAT HAT… where do I find this? AAARRRGHHHH! THIRST!!

  3. Colin Smith says:

    “Strictly 501 button fly classics from here on.”

    Co-sign. I copped a pair last week. No shots at any other jean companies but Levi’s really are the best.

  4. BIGNAT says:

    I wear lrg lifted research group jeans they are pretty good. I will try see of these Levi 501

  5. illill says:

    I was eyein dat cardigan for months and never copped it. respect the architect!!!!

  6. cocotaso says:

    co-co sign the 501s, and GAP button fly original fit. w/ all the lo you got im surprised you don’t go in on the jeans too.

    and that outfit, dios mio. that shit put a tear in my eye.

  7. Fosterakahunter says:

    FAM, when them boots release?

  8. Phill Most says:

    That cardigan looks CRAZY rocked inside out… I’m doin’ it in the spring.

  9. JaiSlayer says:

    Fam, u stunting on em hard today. Congrats on the taping, I love when a plan comes together.

  10. bboycult says:

    the 40 belows are CRAZY!

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