In honor of the memory of Trayvon Martin and so many other people unjustly murdered in the AmeriKKKan apartheid system I have opted to black out my social media presence until further notice.

Thank you and may God be with you.

3 Responses to “BLACKOUT…”

  1. Should have stayed in your car and none of this would be going on!!!!! You killed a KID regardless of what people say or think about Trayvon Martin!!!! I don’t care if he spoke 20 Joints Blunts or whatever you call it You Got Out of your vehicle and followed an unarmed teen and KILLED him you should have stayed your tail in your car and waited on the REAL COPS this is all your fault and the BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS!!!!!

  2. BIGNAT says:

    Shit Detroit should have you keeping the site black

  3. Get Aktiv says:

    Speak on it BIGNAT. I just wanna say I appreciate Dallas Penn for taking a stance on this issue. I remember Malice Green and the devastation we felt when I was living in Detroit. Growing up was very hard, and the babies have it even harder now. Our inner city children are catching hell right now, and are at a serious disadvantage in regards to proper education and lack of resources. Our babies are starving for knowledge and wisdom so the best remedy is to murder our babies?? (At the top of my lungs) F*ck outta here Zimmerman.

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