Outfit Architecture…


We back at it putting these outfits together like architectural plans. Don’t call dP.com the blueprint because we are master planners at this website

Here’s a few pieces from out of the archive to keep the frost off your back


The ski man sweater is an all time favorite. I really like the goose tho’ because it has reinforced elbows and a shooting patch on the shoulder

The ski man is a size XL and it is ridiculously roomy. With a little more weight loss it will look really nice on the kid.




Been killing shit in these vintage Polo Sport joggers.

I dug this fitted out of the archives also. I still got a few SFU embroidered joints I’ma give away on the Instagram page. Get with me if you haven’t already


2 Responses to “Outfit Architecture…”

  1. illill says:

    Waldo ski is the illest….I need more piston 6s

  2. Tron_Doe says:

    That navy jacket is dope.

    Need one of them SFU joints too DP lemme know when I can buy one

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