Back From The Brink Of Insanity…

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In the early 90’s when acid was way better than it is now I might have dropped a tablet or twenty. What can I say for myself other than I was young, and invincible, and stupid. During my trips to the outer rim of the universe my homey JOJO McQUEEN introduced me to the work of this Austrian cat named HANS RUEDIS GIGER. He operates under the professional name of H.R. GIGER. Dude is part genius, part gypsy and what seems to be mostly German. This explains the apocalyptic savagery in his art.


GIGER created the artwork that inspired the design for the creature from the ‘Alien’ movie series. It looks like a skeleton that has been fitted with pneumatic valves and tubing. It’s obviously a machine that has a singular purpose. I wonder what type of shit dude was dropping in order to create these paintings. I just remember what shit I was on in order to appreciate their detail.





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  1. Vik says:

    giger’s work is ca-ray-zee.

    didn’t danzig use some of his work for his album covers?

  2. Stef says:

    Dude was born in Switzerland and moved to Germany when he was 22.

  3. twerkolator says:

    yeah, homie is on some other shit…

  4. Amadeo says:

    One of the best movie creatures ever. I wonder if dude dreams his stuff like Stephen King does his stories.

  5. Dallas, I have a bunch of his books, over 125 Alien figures and an original signed, framed 16 x 20 ” print. He was supposed to do a apinting of me, but we lost contact. He has deep bags under his eyes cause he told me he almost never sleeps. Plus he has been ripped of by his publishers, gallery owners and managers and agents. Ernie

  6. Vee says:

    His designs was also the basis for the movie Species and some other films.

    It’s sad to hear that he was ripped off or exploited by that group. Some artists simply want to create, those guys are supposed to assist in finances not stab you in the back. It’s sad but happens often, artists really need to consider a basic business course.

  7. green eyes says:

    a litle on the dark and twisted side, but the attention to detail is incredible

  8. p-city says:

    I think of Giger every time I see a carton of orange juice or a pack of Sunkist chewable vitamic C tablets.

    The cat is a genius.

  9. Lion XL says:

    I actually caught on to Giger before the alien movies. My sister was an art student at Hunter College HS (they were crazy weird at that school) and she took me to a gallery where they were displaying his work. I must have the same warped mind as he did because I fell in love with stuff. She bought me a book of his originals (which I lost). I also started trying to imitate him and started trying to incorparate his style in my graffiti at the time (didn’t work cuz I sucked! (nullus)).

    If you pop over to his site: you’ll see some c-ray-z ish. Like chairs and tables in that insane style. I don’t know what that would fit in, other the ozborn house, but hey…..

  10. Giger has some great work from the peak of his career (1970s) but a lot of it ODs on the sexual surrealism for me (plus once you understand his airbrush method, the weaker designs lose appeal)… There’s a lot of androngynous sex monster things sucking each other off and shit, it got a little old after I saw the 78th painting like that. His movie designs and less sexual paintings are very good though… He did concept work for ‘Dune’, ‘The Tourist’ (?) and ‘Death Train’ I recommend ppl try to track that stuff down it was published a few times in anthologies. Some of his sculptures are dope too.

  11. I Fux says:

    SHit looks like some of those shirts Jimmy wears……I kid dope work

  12. Combat Jack says:

    My drug of choice was mescalin. Popped them like they were skittles. Whaddup Ernie?

  13. Round here…some odd years back we dipped everything in embalming fluid…saves pics for future posts…one.

  14. lar says:

    man everytime i did acid some fuckery would go down. last time(this is like 8 years ago now) some breezy we were with bugged the fuck out cuz the shit didn’t agree with her lithium. bitch passed out foaming pink from the mouth so we had to call the EMTs while we were buggin the fuck out. then popo came and kicked it with us for awhile, had some real stimulating convo. i swore that shit the fuck off.

  15. Hemp says:

    Giger’s stuff is awesome. It’s S&M meets alien, but his work is fantstic. DOnt know what he was smoking, but it was some good ish. Switzerland to Germany huh? Now that’s interesting. I beleive dude doesn’t sleep. Probably dreams his work and I wouldn’t want to get caught up in a dream those creatures!!

  16. esbee says:

    He LITERALLY was on some other His attention to detail is nothing to sneeze at.

  17. Irena says:

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