Stroker & Hoop: My Adult Swim Fix…


Along with my number one show – ‘SquidBillies’.

Peep this classic S & H episode hosted courtesy of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming.

‘Hip-Hop Hooray a/k/a Gangsta Sap’

This was the episode where Stroker & Hoop have to go undercover to solve the assault and robbery at the mansion of gangsta rap legend MC Homicidal Rapist. As usual, Stroker & Hoop bite off more than they can chew. The shit is hee fucking larious and the best part is the role played by Homicidal Rapist weed carrier sidekick Lil’ Rapist.

Cartoons are the smartest shit going on the televison. With Adult Swim on the internets I can get my fix without ever turning on the T.V.

6 Responses to “Stroker & Hoop: My Adult Swim Fix…”

  1. “Cartoons are the smartest shit going on the televison.”
    Concur. The internet is the take over…I still don’t understand my friends who look @ the internet like a virus. If its being broadcast via tv it’s on the internet first. peace.

  2. Doc says:

    yeah cartoons are my shit.

    the internet really is takin over…people need to get hip to it…it’s 2007 for crying out loud.

  3. jen says:

    that was quite hilarious.

  4. Vik says:

    nice link dp.

    funny ish…………saturday cartoons are BACK!

  5. Fbombs says:

    I’m gonna to need you to acknowledge Aqua Teen Hunger Force and 12oz Mouse.


  6. Sordid Puppy says:

    co-sign 12 oz mouse

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