The photo album is starting to take shape as we document our day at the Rock The Bells festival. If this show has a date in your town I suggest you go just for the experience of enjoying Hip-Hop with tens of thousands of people.


It’s also a chance to see some acts that get NO radio play or mass media attention for that matter but they still have a devoted loyal fanbase and they still bring a great stage show.

Also, it’s a chance to possibly see one of your favorite Hip-Hop icons in the flesh. “RAFI meet RICKY, RICKY, this is RAFI. We’re iNternets Celebrities.” Good times, good times.

Rock The Bells 2007 photo album

ricky rafi


  1. Tony says:

    Holy Dingo balls. You know I dig everything you do Dallas but damn if this rap concert doesn’t look like a sausage fest.

    Through this photo album are you saying that there weren’t very many rap loving “bitches and hos” (For lack of a better term) at this shindig?

    Maybe all of the females are more about the club concerts at which their hair and make-up won’t run down their face after about 10 min. in the sun.

    Anyway, I like the pics regardless but I’m curious about the availability of hip-hop ladies at these kind of events. Rafi is cool and all but I’d rather have a look at the broads in the crowd.

  2. miss ahmad says:

    slick rick the ruler!!

    that’s hott!!!

  3. the_dallas says:

    There were tons of ladies bruh, more than one might expect at a hip-hop concert. Some were hardbody too like these chicks that were mud wrestling. Just wait until you see the video.

  4. Meka Soul says:

    * floor @ rafi’s “camborghini” shirt *

  5. CesMoney says:

    I’ve never done the mosh thing, or even been in a rock crowd. Closest i ever came was being caught in the front row of a Fishbone performance (sanwiched btw Goodie Mob and DelaSoul. WtF?!)

    After surviving Cypress, Wu, and PE’s sets, me and my peoples thought itd be cool to TRY sticking around for the Rage shit. like on some “its a once in a lifetime experience”.

    Sweet Merciful Crap. It was like running with the bulls, except with angry Caucazoids all around. I stuck around for 2 songs and swam the fuck up out of there.

  6. Gee says:

    I am SO all up with Miss Ahmed! !Knock him out da box , Rick!!I like to believe me and Rafi go back like car seats, but with Slick Rick the —–ruler”?

  7. Gee says:

    ps..big UP to Rakim!

  8. skimaskway says:

    i was on the 6 downtown on Sunday at about midnight and at 125th, probably a hundred dirty cargo shirt wearin’ fratboys piled onto the train, i guess there was some sort of shuttle from the concert….if that’s the kind of crowd at these events then no thanks…..i was at the Rocksteady crew anniversary in Newark earlier that day and saw EPMD, Naughty by Nature and a whole bunch of other acts for free, if you want a real hip hop experience save ya 83 dollars and check next year’s show

  9. skimaskway says:

    cargo shorts***

  10. jdotnicholas says:

    Looked like DOOM rocks the mask with the 3rd eye jewel.

  11. thoreauly77 says:

    haha meka i didnt even see that shit!

  12. Tiffany says:

    I “heart” Rakim…4 EVAR!!!!

    *Post Card* “Wish I was there!!”

  13. Amadeo says:

    Sometimes living in Bmore just doesn’t pay.

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