“DP’z got that crazy shit!”

I can’t leave blogging alone. I need the game. It’s my cocaine.

Dukes and I are running around Atlanta today in search of a PC for her basement. So when I come to visit it can be just like old times.

Blogging from a Blackberry 8700 is like school on saturday night. No class.

I’m just gonna throw a few thoughts out there and if you feel like arguing with me just get in where you fit in.

  • Memphis will win the NCAA Final Four championship in honor of the 40th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination
  • What does their win have to do with the slain civil rights icon? I think MLK would have selected them on his pool sheet. They’re just that good.

  • I received my “stimulus package”[ll] notice in the mail
  • I call BOLSHEVIK! The language on the notice expressly states that we can hope to recieve UP TO $600. Even though I consider myself part of the working class I don’t qualify for the full handout. There goes my gubernatorial harlot lay-a-way down payment.

  • The Denver Nuggets are about to bounce the Mavs from the Western Conference playoffs
  • N’awlins and CP3 better protect their neck when that happens.

  • Did Charlie Rose get his ass kicked a la Dan Rather’s “What is the frequency Kenneth?”
  • I was watching his show[ll] and sonn had a massive shiner and a bandage over his eye. Fuck that, someone beat his ass down.

  • Atlanta has more fat people than anywhere I have ever been
  • I feel slim up in this bitch.

  • Copp that new Roots album when it drops next month, seriously
  • The Roots represent for the two oldest instruments known to man. The drum which is inspired by eternal thunder is the call to listen up. ?uestlove commands your attention. The human voice is inspired by the animalistic instinct for communication. Black Thought is a beast. ‘Rising Down’ is the album of the year.

    28 Responses to “POWER TO THE PEOPLE!”

    1. Memphis: have them winning it all even though I’m in last place. In the span of 24 hours I went from first to worst.

      Hope the Nuggets make the playoffs so you and Maxine can swig Bukoff together.

    2. the_dallas says:

      Who is leading the pool right now?

    3. Athletic Black GUys who hustle which I think is Dart’s team. But he never picked a participants or a winner of the championship game.

    4. the_dallas says:

      The question is who has the potential for scoring the most points.

      Have you used the Scenario Generator?

    5. No, and it turns out I’m not in last. Tied for 3rd

    6. Enigmatik says:

      Memphis will lose to Texas…The gubment can take their “free” money and shove it…I believe you are right about the Mavs landing in lotto land…fat people roam the South.

    7. Dubble Dribble has the most possible points. Followed by yours truly. We have the same final four and championship game except he has UNC and I have memphis.

    8. the_dallas says:

      Eff with the ‘Scenario Generator’ function in the upper right hand corner of the bracket.

      You can create different matchups to see who would win the overall pool depending on which teams win

    9. Dart_Adams says:

      Encyclopedia Black Says:
      March 29th, 2008 at 12:50 pm
      Athletic Black GUys who hustle which I think is Dart’s team. But he never picked a participants or a winner of the championship game.

      My dumb ass went out to the bookstore to read all the new magazines and comic books and forgot to pick a final two or winner of the NCAA tournament. I need Memphis to lose and I’m all good cuz I had them dropping it to Izzo’s squad (who looked dumb sorry last night).

      Athletic Black Guys Who Hustle Stand Up!


    10. the_dallas says:

      Reading comics > picking NCAA teams.

      At least you have your priorities straight.

    11. Blackwater says:

      let that bitch breathe

    12. dubble13 says:

      Don’t sleep on Dubble Dribble!

    13. dubble13 says:

      @Encyclopedia Black:

      Does this mean that you and I have the only 2 teams who can possibly win this? Esp. since ‘Athletic Black Guys” has no “Top 2” picks..

    14. the_dallas says:

      Does anyone other than me use the ‘Scenario Generator’ for the Yahoo pool?

    15. Skeeter Valentine says:

      Atlanta probably has the most gay people than where you have ever been..

    16. @Dallas: I the Scenario Generator but only to see what had to happen for me to win.
      Also, if there are any dope sneaker spots in the ATL let me know. And if you see Soulja Boy throw some feces at him, zoo-style.

      @Dubble: Can’t say. I only looked at who had a similar national championship game, and you’re the only one I think. Same teams but different outcomes.

    17. @Dubble: You have the most possible points, followed by me.

    18. dubble13 says:

      I used the scenario generator, but it was to see who would win with the least favorite teams.

      @dallas: thanks for the movies!

    19. Big Rils says:

      I have fucked with the scenario generator … If UCLA wins i’m most likely taking down the title.

      If it’s UNC then it’s Hoes Gotta Eat (if UNC beats UCLA) or Double Dribble (if they beat Memphis)

      If Kansas wins it’s KingRex or De Hill Man Dem

      and If memphis wins it’s Fearless Vampire Killer

    20. @Big Rils: Thanks for having the patience to eff with the scenario generator.

    21. Dart_Adams says:

      DAMN IT! 2nd place again? This is he second straight time I was the leader going into the last week just to lose it all. This must be what the Patriots must feel like. I finished 45 out of 60, too (no thanks to San Diego, Davidson past the sweet 16, and Memphis who’ve managed to blow people out so that their weaknesses as a ball club are a non-issue).

      My picks for the Final Four:

      UCLA vs. North Carolina (free throws and focus in a close game will do Memphis in…finally)

      North Carolina will win because either Mbah A Moute, Kevin Love or one of the perimeter guy will get in early foul trouble and have to sit for a big chunk of the 1st half and they’ll never be able to get back in the swing of things.

      UNC by between 6-10 points. It’ll get tight at the end but no one will call phantom calls for UCLA with the chip on the line.


    22. the_dallas says:

      Don’t look now but the Washington Nats lineup ain’t no joke.

      Cristian Guzman
      Lastings Milledge
      Nick Johnson
      Austin Kearns
      Dmitri Young
      Paul LoDuca
      Raul Belliard
      George Bush Jr.

    23. 911 says:

      Derrick Rose > Beasley

      More crackberry post…

    24. yo…how long you in the A for? you gotta fuck with some of these shows this week man….

    25. Maxine says:

      I know I’m late but ……NUGGS!

    26. trapped in ATL says:

      I am currently living in Atlanta and being from CA, Atlanta has the most fat and gay people anywhere! Period! There is nothing to do here so all people do here is eat.

    27. MHB says:

      KGB is that Charlie Rose is a drunk, so wouldn’t be surprised if he fell down some stairs.

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