HELLZ BELLZ Makes Me Wish I Was A Chick…

hellz bellz

Editor’s note: [||] to this entire drop from GABEROCKKA.

Fellas… Have you ever seen a line of womens clothes, that were so dope, so fresh, so well designed that it almost made you wish you were a chick just so you could rock it and be the best dressed female around? No? Uhhh… Me neither.

Hellz Bellz always just seemed like a clothing line that had pictures of guns made out of bananas, and Minny Mouse wearing a bandanna. Recently I started seeing a new girl. She’s not into streetwear per se, but she loves the way I dress and seems really eager to go shopping with me and see what kind of womens wear can be found at the stores in which I shop. Liking the idea of having a girl I could both have sex with AND talk about clothes with, I started doing some research on womens streetwear lines. Married to the Mob didn’t really do much for me, and Hellz Bellz is the only other womens streetwear company I know, so I checked out the Hellz Bellz website, and their Fall collection is the truth (for females).

They’ve grown up out of the strictly tee’s phase of their development, and some of their new pieces show a real sophistication and maturing in terms of their designs. These are some clothes I would love to see on the floor next to my girls bed. Hell, I might even be weary of ripping them off and throwing them across the room like I normally do with her clothes. Picture me getting up out of bed in the heat of passion to hang my girls shirt up in the closet… That right there is some heat for them ass cheeks. And Jay-Z stays winning.

hellz bellz

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  1. Hellz Bellz shit is pretty dope.

    the last chick I was seeing I scooped her up some things whenever I was buying shit, cuz she said she liked my taste. Like I got her some Blazers that were so fresh they were gold foil with brown and biege and a pink swoosh, I picked up them shits for 40 bucks in Hawaii when I was on vacation. I stopped seeing her and she wasnt the first girl who said she liked my style but she was the one who took the most interest thats why I would grab things for her. I dont do much just Polo and Jeans, sneakers maybe some loafers. I also copped my daughter some Disney Couture shirts and they make some fresh looking things and my little girl who is all into that Disney shit likes them. Ya nothing cooler than a chick who likes sneakers as well as stilletos

  2. gaberockka says:

    speaking of [||] , a funny thing happened yesterday: i was on my streetwear nerd forum, and some cat was looking everywhere for a Complete Technique pendant and he couldn’t find it. Long story short, I found it for him and posted the link and he posted back ‘thank you so much, I love you gaberockka! (yes homo)


  3. F L Y in F L A says:

    yeah hellz bellz is killin it.

    Yo gabe, what do you think goes in to makin a fresh street wear line. cause alot of lines i see are kinda hit or miss. there are some fresh ass lines out that always come hard (Pause) but a majority dont do it for me.

    oh and what do you look for when you wanna cop anything street wear?

    Up..Up…and AWAY!!!!!!!!

  4. gaberockka says:

    FLY in FLA – every question you ask me in the comments I’m hesitant to answer here because they spark me to think enough to want to do a whole drop about them…

    you asked yesterday what online spots I shopped at:

    http://www.boundlessny.com is the best for American streetwear lines. They only non American streetwear lines they carry are Rocksmith (Japan) and Addict (UK) but for shit like Crooks & Castles, Lemar & Dauley, Kilo Goods, etc. (all lines I rock) they’re the best.

    I buy a lot of stuff from emaharishi.com and dpmhi.com – those are both part of the Maharishi/Hardy Blechman umbrella – Maharishi is the more high end stuff, Mhi is the more affordable sub-label of Maharishi, and dpmhi.com also carries Futura Laboratories, and the Futura/Mhi collabo brand FHI (Futura Heavy Industries)

    I also support royalefam.com because the head designer Mark Ong aka SBTG is my dude and his in house label Royalefam can do no wrong in my eyes…

    http://www.the-glade.com/index.php is a good site for more high end stuff like Acronym and One True Saxon

    http://www.solebox.com/ has a great selection of foreign brands if you can sift through all the wack BBC/Ice Cream stuff they carry…

    I order a lot of stuff from Subdivision in Vancouver: http://www.subdivisioninc.com/index.php but with them its kind of tricky because they don’t officially do e-commerce and they don’t put their inventory on their website. With them you gotta get on their mailing list and whenever they get hot new iteez in they’ll send out an email. If you see something you like you just email them and paypal them the cash and they send it to you. They have a great buyer who has the exact same taste as me so I’ve gotten a ton of shit from them, including some of my favorite pieces.

  5. fwd. I had forgot about this comedy site which makes up hilarious stories involving the Roc-a-fella dudes, & a few others such as Bill O’Reilly & Kweli

    This isht is fockin hillarious. All the stories are funny, this involves O’Reilly debating Cam’ron & KRS-1

  6. gaberockka says:

    As for what makes a dope streetwear brand…well thats a whole new drop, but in an extreme nutshell:

    The ones that I like are all dope in different ways, for different reasons, so there’s no one answer. For Tee’s I look for nice graphics that aren’t over the top but aren’t too plain either. For hoodies I look for something simple and not tacky (aka no all over prints – I have 3 all over print hoodies and I never wear them anymore), comfort, quality of materials and construction, and attention to details – whether that be prints on the inside lining, Ipod storage with headphone loops, custom zipper pulls, etc. All of my favorite brands for hoodies fit that description. Jackets I would say pretty much the same thing as hoodies…

    Some of my favorite brands:


    Crooks & Castles
    Lemar & Dauley
    Futura Labs
    Foreign Family
    King Stampede
    Kilo Goods

    Hoodies/Light Jackets:

    Kilo Goods

  7. http://www.xxlmag.com/online/?p=13388

    ^^ WHOA, I thought they were going to do a disservice to a classic but hot damn Term,Cons,Talib go on in very hard on this.

    I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities
    And now I’m livin’ in correctional facilities(c) Dre

  8. Hey what about that Jacket Tupac had on Juice I have always wanted something similar or a Military style coat/jacket… any suggestions or websites G’Rockka?

  9. gaberockka says:

    I Fux – That’s an M65 jacket…almost every streetwear brand in existence makes an M65 – google it and pick the one with the features you like the most. I like the one on http://www.emaharishi.com but I’m not sure you’re gonna want an embroidery of a chinese dragon on your jacket…

  10. omegaSB says:

    Reason /Supreme/Anything …all day

  11. Sports update:

    Stepanek just took a 2-1 sets lead on #3 seed Young Djok aka Chia Head aka Novak Djokovic. Damn, it looked Djokovic might be able to win the US Open, now he might get bounced [||] in the 2nd Rd

  12. Yo G’Rockka good lookin but that is a bit much [||] for my taste as far as a Dragon on the back, No Dragon Tats on me homie[||]. I think I saw somewhere that Live Mechanics had like a Navy blue joint like that with some dope embroidery, but I cant find it online so I can cop it. I might have to head over to Ebay and just cop a straight Black Military joint.

  13. http://tinyurl.com/2cy6vq

    ^^ What ya’ll think about this, might have to cop. Fly like a Motha’

  14. gaberockka says:

    I like it but its hard to picture what it would look like on an actual person…

  15. gaberockka Says:

    August 31st, 2007 at 2:31 pm
    I like it but its hard to picture what it would look like on an actual person…

    ^^ I like to think Most shit looks fly on me[||]. Nah seriously since its Polo I know I fit a medium thats the main reason. But I just saw some by Obey over at Karmaloop that I am feeling; extraordinary[||]

  16. gaberockka says:

    I saw a really dope Obey military jacket on Karmaloop (or Digital Gravel, same shit) that I was feeling like a well oiled up male stripper (no homo of course)

    Wonder if it’s the same one

  17. F L Y in F L A says:


    I was recently in montreal and i copped these 2 canadian brands named poets and thieves and Good life. i think GL is from montreal and PT is from toronto. PT made the ill, “no whites, just bacl, just blues” look it up. shit is fly.

    you gotta start gettin some investor money and start traveling to different shops around the country, then the world, and do posts about em. its a far fetched idea now, but what idea wasnt to begin with?

    Lookin forward to the next drops


  18. F L Y in F L A says:

    Shit, the Tee said “no whites, no blacks, just blues”

  19. the_dallas says:

    [ll] to this whole drop and thread. I’m just sayin’.

  20. the_dallas Says:

    August 31st, 2007 at 3:04 pm
    [ll] to this whole drop and thread. I’m just sayin’.

    ^^ Word to straight days of talking about gear kicks and shit. I am glad I will be jamming To Barrington Levy tonight at the house of blues, I may need to smoke somethin’ ; I havent partook in the doja in a minute

  21. Djok & Stepanek are really goin at it [||]. On serve in the 5th set.

  22. that t-shirt looks goofy. But Beyonce looks great.

    I don’t “get” a lot of fashion. The last fashion “innovation” I was geeked about was dry-fit shirts for sports, LOL.

  23. ElGringoColombiano Says:

    August 31st, 2007 at 3:14 pm
    that t-shirt looks goofy. But Beyonce looks great.

    I don’t “get” a lot of fashion. The last fashion “innovation” I was geeked about was dry-fit shirts for sports, LOL.

    ^^ ^word have you ever tried a dry fit condom[||] , I once had them none lubricated joints but it was the only one in my car, whoa was that an experience

  24. gaberockka says:

    F L Y – that would be the good life. too bad this whole writing about clothes and stores on a blog doesn’t bring in any money, otherwise that idea wouldn’t be so far fetched

  25. gaberockka says:

    non lubricated condoms stink. condoms stink in general. why can we explore space and manipulate the atom but not create a form of contraceptive that actually feels good? and don’t say the pill because i’m talkin full protection, not just pregnancy

  26. watch me jump in a platinum coupe and Silver Surf on dat hoe(c) Jae Millz

  27. condoms are fine for hitting the chocha.

    What hasn’t been invented is a protection device for getting blown, that doesn’t kill the enjoyment.

    [||] on discussing sexual habits over the internets

  28. gaberockka says:

    ElGringoColombiano Says:
    August 31st, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    condoms are fine for hitting the chocha.

    ^^^ i disagree

  29. the_dallas says:

    Yo f’real, non-lubricated condoms on better for the ladies insides at the end on the day. Hit the search tab on DP Dot Com and type in Nonoxynol. That shit is a bleach based spermicidal that rips through a women’s innards and eventually makes your manhood look like it has vitilago.

    and [ll] again.

    Gabe, log in to DP Dot Com with your username so that your comments don’t get dumped in the moderator queue.

  30. gloominati says:

    yo, the hundreds recently dropped a dope girls line, ‘the tens’

    i copped a t for my girl and she was melting, what up

    peace and keep it moving.

  31. Young Djok just finished off [||] Stepanek in a 5th set tiebreaker. 4h 44 min. WTF. Thx to http://www.usopen.org/en_US/scores/index.html for the live scoreage

    Yall NYCers should go to the USO this wkd. Get a grounds pass & watch a match on the side-courts, where you’ll be up close to the action [||] where dudes are hitting 140 mph serves & 80 mph groundstrokes [||]. The greatest experience in sports.

  32. 1970s hip hop culture: “let the poppers pop, & the breakers break”

    2000s internets hip hop culture: “let the stanners stan, & the haters hate”

    Graduation seems to be following the reaction of Finding Forever. People over-reacting & saying the album is ass or classic. Too hypberbolic either way IMHO.

    SMH at the haters saying Kanye’s rapping sucks. Kanye actually improved since 2004, & Kanye was never a top tier rapper ala Black Thought/Chino XL. These same haters loved College Dropout though. Consistency/logic, not part of haterism.

  33. ^^co-siggity Gringo

    Plus what separated Kanye is his everyday Dude theme (I see you Phonte) and his swag[||]. But Lyrically he has improved which he should, rappers are like athletes there comes a point where everything fits perfectly the athleticism, court awareness and skills. Hence Rhymes, Beats and Timing. Kanye probably has one more album which should be his equivalent of the BluePrint and this album is probably his Vol.2 .. With College Dropout being his Reasonable Doubt. Hyberbole yes but I dont think I am way off base with the comparison.

  34. My new favorite word that doesnt really mean anything but I use it all the time i.e.” Hey can you hand me that blicka” BLICKA!

  35. Phonte: Well, I’ve known I was Kanye’s inspiration since back in 2003 when we did a few shows together. He told me that he read my verse from ‘The Yo-Yo’ in the Source and got scared that we were gonna beat him to the punch. In retrospect, I have no idea why he was scared being that we were struggling on an indie and he was rolling with one of the biggest machines in hip-hop at the time. Even if I’m the better ballplayer, what difference does it make if you’re playing at Madison Square Garden and I’m still at the YMCA, ya know (laughs)?
    As for him not mentioning me by name, I thought it was kinda bitchmade because he personally knows who I am. If you’re gonna give me props, give me my props. Otherwise it just comes across as a backhanded compliment: ‘Yeah, I’m a big fan of what’s-that-guy’s-name…’ That’s some ho shit, in my opinion.
    As for the props themselves, that’s cool and all…but if you’re really a fan and Little Brother’s music inspires you so much, why not reach out to us to make some more music together? Why would you not wanna make history with the younger cats in the game who helped tocreate a lane for you? But we all know the answer to that question………….

    ^^^ damn godson across the belly


  36. ^ Damn!

    It does seem like certain major label rappers avoid the “backpack” underground intentionally, incl Kanye. It seems that they’re scared that some fraction of their fanbase could prefer these underground cats & prefer them.

    If you’re shit is ill, it’s ill. It’s not a competition, the fans will support all yall. Look at the okayplayer cats, The Roots, Common, Kanye, Mos, Jill Scott, Little Brother, etc never engage in this Kanye-style bitchmadery! They all are confident in their illness (no SARS) so they support each other & do concerts together.

  37. shit I meant Kweli, not Kanye, on the list of okayplayer cats…

  38. http://youtube.com/watch?v=XpX7YJXivDk

    ^^^ Kanye and Little Brother made beautiful music together at one point

  39. coqui says:

    i see y’all tryna pull this thread out of pause territory (yall really over-using “[||]” so i’ma keep it old school) but you ain’t there yet. keep trying.

  40. Don’t resist the overwhelming internets cultural phenomenon known as [||]

  41. Hey is Kelis the celebrity equivalent of the perfect chick. Cuz she seems up on all this shit as far as streetwear and she is hot imo. NaS stays winning

  42. dessi says:

    one word “devious”. i didnt spot the brand on yo faves list koz u probly haven’t seen it. my cuz in houston rocks it all the time, won’t tell me where he got it, anyone here know where to cop it?

  43. Danielle says:

    hellz Bellz is hands down the best streetwear clothing brand for women !!

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