Yeah I did it and let me tell you why I did it. The president has everyone calling him ‘DUBYA’ because his middle name is Walker. ‘W’ should suffice. It is prudent, conservative and not wasteful and those were supposed to be the precepts of the Republican party anyway. Instead of conserving one of the important natural resources – vowel disbursement, this president has run amok with his spending.

Where’s the consideration for other white that may be from a more vowel-challenged heritage like say, the Czech Republic?!? I am sure there are white in the Czech Rebublic that would give back all their Nazi paraphenalia for a simple vowel, even a ‘Y’. It’s not just foreign white that has an issue with the Bush families wanton vowel depletion but American white as well. Just look no further than the coaching staff for the men’s basketball program at the all-American Duke University. Head coach MIKE KRYZEWSKI and assistant coach STEVE WOJCIECHOWSKI are suffering from this administration’s policies in regards to the alphabet.

That is why I have added more letter A’s to the name KWANZAA. I have adopted a ‘pre-emptive first strike’ vowel stance for anything that I consider inherently Blaack culture. I will let language be my Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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