ALICIA KEYS Has a BEARD! No, Seriously…

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Months ago we clowned on ALICIA KEYS for taking her buddy, KERRY on a shopping/photo-op jaunt thru the Hamptons, or South Beach or wherever men go to wear open toe sandals. I made the remark that ALICIA had a beard who has a beard and everyone laughed but I don’t think that everyone knew what I was trying to say. The term ‘beard‘ is used whenever you see someone gay or lesbian on a date with the opposite sex. Award shows and charity events are the places that you will almost always find people with their beards.

My homegirl Fresh over at Crunk and Disorderly has scooped me once again with the above photo of ALICIA KEYS and her hairy azz chest. This means that I get to use my library of CHEWBACCA the WOOKIE photos for someone else other than ASHANTI DOUGLASS.

“You don’t know my name”

4 Responses to “ALICIA KEYS Has a BEARD! No, Seriously…”

  1. apple halsey says:

    stop picking in i’ll-lease-ya. she is what she is and so what? girl can still sing and while it’s true closets are for clothes, i don’t see you takin’ out after queen la, and she’s got a GINORMOUS closet. pick on someone you’re own size, cheezy.

    • Gert says:

      hello Olivier, sympa ta visite, j’ai lu avec beaucoup de plaisir ton récit, j&riauo;qpprécse aussi beaucoup JJ Goldman, ses textes, sa musique et ….. son sourire, je ne peux t’envoyer de la fraicheur, ici, l’air est très chaud(france, sud est) … à bientôt, bises

  2. OaklandRayder says:

    You know what, you people make me sick. Alicia Keys is one of the most beautiful women in the world and for you guys to always try and get the dirt out on her, tell lies on her and make her out to be “ugly” is just completely childish, shows you have no life, no past, no present and most importantly no future. You are just hating on her because she’s beautiful and she makes pretty good and is pretty popular. She is a good talent. She’s pretty. Leave it at that. Alicia if you’re reading this I have loved you since the moment I first set eyes on you.

  3. OaklandRayder = SanFranGoldenGaydar

    wave that rainbow flag homey

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