Tsunami Economy

NIKE employees
The tidal waves that have killed tens of thousands of people in South East Asia were terrible. Mass graves are always really sad no matter what the cause. Whether it was an earthquake or a tidal wave or two airliners crashing into skyscrapers, it will be a sucky ass New Year for a grip of families. Even though I lost no one directly in this tragedy(because I won’t count the relatives of the Thai prostitutes that I frequent in Flushing Queens) I still am expecting to feel a financial pinch from the aftermath.

I only buy NIKE and TIMBERLAND footwear and these two companies manufacturing bases are centered in South East Asia. Although this tidal wave didn’t destroy the inland factories it did kill many children and young adults who staff those factories. NIKE and TIMBERLAND have already begun their re-staffing efforts in the hopes of continuing and unabated flow of merchandise to the U.S. The problem is that when these manufacturers have to hire adult labor the cost per hour rises from 5cent to 8cent. Don’t be coy when you think about those THREE PENNIES. Any true capitalist will tell you that is a spike in labor costs of more than 66 percent. The new AIR JORDAN 20 was already slated to retail for $250 bucks. This goddamn tsunami is even going to push that price up.

If NIKE and TIMBERLAND think that I am going to pay more money for my ghetto accoutrements…

aw, fuck it, they know that I will pay more.

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