The Real War On Women Continues…


And all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

The Black blogosphere a/k/a Jigs In Space have been thrashing about recently all because the gossip site BOSSIP gave a ‘Ho Sit Down’ to MAYA ANGELOU. I love me some MAYA ANGELOU, but she can get a ‘Ho Sit Down’ just like OPRAH can and even [gasp] RUBY DEE. Everyone can get it if they get caught slipping. This is the law of los internetos.

They should have never gave you niggers computers. What About Our Daughters has found their next Jena 6 moment by waging an all out war against BOSSIP. It was going to come to this eventually since What About Our Daughters is on some sensitive lesbian shit most times. I just thank GOD they haven’t targeted me for my disparaging drops on ALICIA KEYS.

So while people are still caught up with the war of words and phrases the real war on women rages onward unobstructed. Has anyone other than Dart Adams heard about the story of this teenager AMBER ABREU (no BOBBY)?


AMBER ABREU – Arrested for inducing self-abortion
AMBER was questioned by Department of Social Services investigators who learned that she ingested some ulcer medication to induce a miscarriage. What happened instead is that she ended up delivering her baby stillborn. The government is looking at charging her with homicide now and not just the crazy crime of inducing an illegal miscarriage. I suppose there is a way to induce a legal miscarriage, but that requires a plane ticket to Europe or some shit.


Too bad for AMBER that her mother was an immigrante and not JAMIE-LYNN SPEARS’ mother LYNN. The pop princesses mom has agreed to raise JAMIE-LYNN’s child so that JAMIE-LYNN might return to Hollywood to pursue her career as the wigbrusher to her elder sister BRITNEY’s trainwreckery.

The moral to this story is that woman STILL do not have the information or advocacy when it comes to their reproductive rights. The story of AMBER ABREU is more proof that my wife and I will be using a midwife when she gives birth to our kids. Hospitals are fucked the fuck up as it is without those fools switching babies and trying to get people to submit to RFID implants under their newborn’s skin.

So you think that a woman president is going to stem the tide of America’s anti-matriarchal legacy when her operatives are busy using racist undercurrents to curry support? Sounds to me like you need to wear the ‘Ho Sit Down’ trucker hat.


17 Responses to “The Real War On Women Continues…”

  1. Dart_Adams says:

    Yeah, this whole story is fucked up beyond belief. Once politicos and people being taking sides the shit may get a whole lot uglier..This is the type of shit only we bloggers bring to lit. Good one, Dallas.


  2. wax says:

    we had a homebirth with midwives. would never go to a hospital for something like this. they brainwash you with all that shit, and try to force procedures and drugs on you.

  3. Maxine says:

    “Everyone can get it if they get caught slipping”….


  4. evan says:

    Gonna be an ugly day if Hillary (n. Karyn Parsons) becomes prez and she gets put to that test of having to take a stance on abortion. Then again, if she’s in the driver’s seat, I’ll be on the first boat to LOST island.

  5. Candice says:

    For me, Maya has the right to endorse whomever she wants to. I don’t have a problem with that. I do give her a “Hoe sit down” for calling Hilary “my girl” in her endorsement. *SMH*

    As for the midwife thing…..hell naw. You push out a 9lb baby and tell me you want to do that in the house with no drugs in close proximity. And what if you end up needing a c-section or have complications? Nah homie….put my azz in a hospital.

  6. fyi, the correct dicho seria

    los internetes

    pa’ que sepas buey!

  7. Love2Read says:

    Well, your blog is definitely INTERESTING

  8. Amadeo says:

    Anyone can get it…especially our elders. You borrow the world from your children and they gave us something effed back.

  9. CeezDiem says:

    Maya Angelou: Ho Sit Down
    Maia Campbell: Ho Sit Down… on my FACE!!!!

    sike on both counts. I hear the latters on crackrock. The former has a right to her own opinion. She could certinaly get a”Ooookay Grandma. Time for your meds”, but thats about it.

    Come tuesday i’m voting for obama for the same reason i went to the Million man March.
    1) Curiousity
    2) Just to say i did
    3) Maybe something awesome will come of it.
    4) A good come on line for mackin on the liberal honeys.

  10. the_dallas says:

    Liberal honeys fucks with Obaama while literary hos co-sign Clinton.

    But you know what, Lebanese bitches go in for McCain.

    Lebanese bitches = Hardbody supreme

  11. 40 says:

    40 was born at 11 lbs 4 oz…

    This is why I’m glad I stand when I pee!!!!

  12. Candice says:

    ^Exactly why I am a proponent of the EPIDURAL.

  13. lol @ Candice.
    Go ahead, girl.

  14. Props on that Dark Knight mixtape!

    Yo, this is why I can’t talk to pro-life lunatics. People are going to do what they want, illegal or otherwise. Some things just need to remail legal so they can be somewhat safe or done in moderation.

    Bossip needs to do a Black History Month “Ho Stand Up” for Rosa Parks, I guess.

  15. the_dallas says:

    Bossip needs to do a Black History Month “Ho Stand Up” for Rosa Parks, I guess.

    I think that would be a ‘Ho Get On The Bus’.

  16. lola gets says:

    Anytime you live in a country where its a crime for a person to injure or kill another womans unborn baby, you should know if you do something similar, your ass is toast. Unfortunately, girlfriend has to pay the piper.

    What Id like to see is better reporductive care for women as a whole, and for teenagers in particular. Girlfriend might not have become pregnant if she had access to effective birth control and condoms.


  17. Michael says:

    “It was going to come to this eventually since What About Our Daughters is on some sensitive lesbian shit most times.”

    Basically. Are we [that] pressed for political correctness that things obviously said facetiously warrant protest to advertisers? More Black men went to prison under the Clinton administration than any other time in history and more Black women were proportionally affected by Clinton’s welfare reform, yet they’d rather throw a fit about a gossip site mocking a poet as if she’s some deity. I respect Maya of course, but you would think they’d have bigger fish to fry.

    I wouldn’t mind giving Toni Morrison a hoe sit down for saying this about Slick Willie in 1998: “After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.”

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