POLITRICKS 2008: Goodbye, And Good Riddance…


Some people will tell you that RUDY 9IU11ANI’s resignation from the presidential campaign trail is a win for the terrorists.

They would be wrong though.

Still and all I kept a photo gallery of images to use whenever RUDY made some noise. I’m a little saddened now that ol’ boy couldn’t even ride out 9-11 up until Super Tuesday.

Oh well, I guess this leaves RUDY more time to hang out with BERNARD KERIK. [ll], of course.






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  1. Combat Jack says:

    Justice has been served. Not only glad dude fell of, but also that he was embarassed so publicly. This white cat in my office kept telling me that roody was the main and “just u wait” till Florida. Republican fat fuck didnt even come in today. Beyotch!

  2. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    If a 5′ 8″ turd were to take human form, wait did I say human?
    I cannot express the glee, joy, mad vibe I’m feeling, I almost got weak and thought for a minute “oh yeah, this election thing works and the dregs will be cast asunder”, but wait if you call in the next 30 minutes we’ll send you a free John McCain doll saying shit like “there will be many more wars to fight if we stay the course (WTF)” or a blow up Miss Ann Doll -AKA HILLARY aka Billary aka Hill Billary aka redneck from Arkansas who carpetbagged a NY Senate seat thanks to the CFR-whoa Ernie you’re going in too deep- Guillannae Guilianus, Rodent toothed fuck head. It is a good day for the republic, RUDY RUDY RUDY RUDY-eat shit and die you racist, divisive, exploiter. Ernie

  3. What a great day for America!

    The era of wannabe Dictators who shyt on the Constituion will end with the WOAT Gee Dubbz 43

    Obama, H Clinton, or McCain (assuming 1 of these 3 things) might be many things, but are not wannabe Dictators. All 3 at worst are garden-variety establishment “centrist” douche-bags, ironically like “Papi” G Bush Sr 41. At best, shyt 1 of them might actually turn out to be a good President!

    “Tonight I’m gonna party like it’s 1999” (c) Prince

  4. Meka Soul says:

    sinc i’m not from around that region, i’m somewhat unaware of rootie’s stylistic outside of internets research, but if he’s anything like the hump in cali that was in power before the terminator bounced him out in the middle of his term, good fucking riddance.

  5. Mugen Spiegel says:

    Your boy John Edwards fell out also….

  6. Blackwater says:

    that nigga married his cousin back in the day. He should run for governor of West Virginia.

  7. ^ Oh snap! This douche Dic-taster Dictator 9iu11ani is getting verbally gang-ethered over here! Comedy.

  8. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    I am offering one million (that’s $1,000,000. ) dollars for a video of Kerick and Juli Anne buggering (a kind refined way of saying corn holing each other and even more if his police chief or one of his other many flunkies and thugs is in the film. And even more if G Dubbs or Britney or Paris or any of those other professional drug addicts are included.
    Shit R. Kelly should have pissed on Rudy in drag on video. Ernie (one less noxious scumbag is in the presidential race)

  9. Blackwater says:

    I’ll piss on that bitch for a mil ticket

  10. # Blackwater Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    that nigga married his cousin back in the day. He should run for governor of West Virginia.

    Yo, I totally forgot about that.

  11. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    To all of you outside the NYC 5 boros: You have no idea how fukkin demented, paranoid, totally debased and insane Gui Lie Anne really was. He thought he was a potentate or Shiek or literally a fascist dictator. Nearly every week he was on a new and even more mindless crusade among them attacking the homeless, arresting windshield washers, putting metal barricades on both sides of long ass mid town blocks and issuing tickets and arresting people for jaywalking (no BS). Folks were getting tossed for drinking beer in brown paper bags (A NYC tradition) on their porches and a 100 other things to drive the poor and middle class out of a city he saw deserving of only millionaire republican white breads. As a backdrop he indulged his boyhood fantasies by going to all the Yankee games and being photographed with the players, publicly cheating on his wife with his wig brusher and rubbing his families nose in it and not even making a pretense of civility to his wife (who deserves a medal for having the strong stomach to have sex with him ever) or his kids . I think his son said he was supporting Oboma. Julieanus defended the cold blooded killing and torture of Blacks (fact) and was the most clearly racist mayor NYC had in 200 years. Ernie

  12. ^ damn I thought Dictator 9iu11ani got ethered by McCain yesterday, but that ain’t shyt compared to Paniciolli’s evisceration of this authoritarian Douchlianne.

    Hopefully 9iu11ani’s soul burning will cause him to permanently retire from the politricks game.

  13. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    The man (II) has nothing else to live for but politricks and fuckery over the people.
    He is short (wears lifts in his shoes and a girdle to hide his paunch), bone ass ugly, bald, impotent (thanks to prostate cancer wished upon him and his police thug chief by a Haitian Women whose son was killed by popo for not buying drugs in a buy and bust sting gone awry).
    His appeal is to the “right wing, racist have a little want a little more, you’re better than the Blacks ,Fox TV watching, NY Post reading, Howard Stern watching) wink wink vote for me I’ll keep the criminals (read Blacks and Browns and poor) in their place , then he took the “kneegrows” out of his context and subbed “terrorists” (read Brown skinned Muslims and other non Christian unwashed heathens) in his over paid speeches.
    Basically he is a man without a soul. The Jews have a term for this type of creature cast out of heaven and too impure for hell, but I forgot (Golem is a statue inbued with life, but that is not the term) what is is.

    He is the most vile man I have ever seen in my life, vile even for a prosecutor, even for a lawyer, even for a politician, even for a racist, even for a honky, cross dressing, first cousin marrying, cop loving, thug. Ernie

  14. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Question: What is the difference between Julianus Rudolpho Guill9iianane and a bucket of hot shit?

    Answer: the bucket (and he sure ain’t hot)

    Notice his withdrawal speech, he did not concede, did not say “you fuckers kicked my ass, I’m outta here. No he mumbled and tried once again to save face (if any self respecting person looked like an asshole with lips I think they not want to save that fetid face, but that’s another story). Proving once again he is a punk. PS what happens to all the loot, money, cash donations and shit that the rednecks gave his campaign/ How much of that shit does he list as “expenses and tax write offs”, how much does he keep, how much goes under the table? Food for thought. Ernie

  15. Candice says:

    Damn. LOL

    Beat it Rudy.

  16. Ernest Paniccioli says:

    Rudy, The best part of you ran down your mother’s leg. She should have swallowed. Ernie

  17. 911 says:

    fuck. I need a new moniker…

    I take it that cross dressing he liked to partake in didn’t break him into a new demographic…

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