The Adventures of SUPERHEAD

A beautiful young sister named Karinne Steffans has the music industry on notice. Ms.Steffans is known quite affectionately in certain rap music circles as the video vixen ‘SUPERHEAD’. She secured her nickname after sexual liasons with nearly every rapper that has released a music video in the last five years. Ms.Steffans prolific talents are so prodigious that she reportedly had given METHOD MAN second thoughts about remaining a married man.

Unlike most respectful prostitutes, Ms.Steffans has a penchant for ‘kissing’ and telling. She currently claims to be the paramour of my favorite R&B artist. Dear USHER, please say it ain’t so?!?

What disturbs me even more than Ms.Steffans loose lips(pun intended) is her belief that she has been placed in her position(s) by divine order. SUPERHEAD believes no less than that she is a prophet!!!???!!! GOD has placed her here on Earth to have sex with as many people as possible and then to go on and write movies and books detailing these experiences while touring the college and university circuit hyping these pornography products. Okay, okay, that was a little simplistic of me, but if you click the link to ‘ol girl’s website and you read some of the dialogue in the Q & A section I think you will feel the same way that I do. THE END IS NEAR! and I don’t mean rear end either.

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