POLITRICKS 2008: Votar Por Hilarious…


The Latino voting bloc is that new, new sexy. Someone in the DNC needs to give TKC their super-delegado status.

While everyone is talking about the Mexican governor BILL RICHARDSON’s support for OBAAMA no one is paying attention to the real reason that HILLARY CLINTON has the espanol voters on smash.

5 Responses to “POLITRICKS 2008: Votar Por Hilarious…”

  1. Plug says:

    yo, what happened to yall pictures? yall used to have all sorts of pics in the blue cheez jump off. celeberty ta tas? ghetto maddness? something…

  2. Candice says:

    La Paquena Hilary Clinton. So sad.

  3. Enigmatik says:

    Can you tag this one “What the phuqqin’ phuq?”

  4. Tony says:

    Believe it or not, I’m sure I know that guy.

    Damn. It’s come to this . . . I think I’ve got a post coming on this one but my theory is that Hillary is simply gonna play spoiler on this one and lock up Obama in an unproductive fight until the end of summer.

    Leave it to a white woman to ruin it all.

  5. master cheef says:

    you’re into mexicano transvestite midget hookers?

    me too. why didn’t you say something?

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