M.L.K. Day = Get Ur Freak On!

Hands down, the sexiest weekend of the year is the Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. I know what your thinking… WEEKEND?!? But yes, weekend! Once Arizona accepted the federal holiday we Black people officially exhaled and decided to take the whole weekend off. From friday until monday evening Black folks will honor the M.L.K. legacy by doing some of the things that have made Martin Luther King Jr. a legend and a hero in the global community. We will be having sex. Hot, freaky, extra-marital, inter-racial sex. Because of O.J. Simpson’s crazy ass, M.L.K. weekend is the only window of oppurtunity I get now to have sex with white women.

The best thing about M.L.K. weekend is that Black women willingly let their men ‘step out’. I never truly understood the reason. I thought that was done as a representation of the humble and long suffering Mrs. Coretta Scott King, but I soon found out that sisters weren’t being as angelic as Mrs. King. Sisters were stepping out too. Onetime I got my swerve on with my buddy’s sister, and I knew her boyfriend too. Because of my close friendship with her brother it was an almost incestuous annual relationship. We really enjoyed each other but we knew it couldn’t last and that it would only hurt the feelings of those we cared about. We did share each other’s company for two years straight at the LIBERTY INN MOTEL on West 14th Street(hourly rates players). One night was after the legendary sunday night party at CLUB N.V. and the following year was the nightcap after the sunday soiree at LOTUS.

One important thing to remember is that you do not want to pick up any phone numbers. M.L.K. weekend is for straight up jumpoffs. If it doesn’t pop off by monday nite, forget about it. The brothers will be back in church by tuesday nite for the Hattie Suggs missionary committee meeting and the sisters will be attending the organizational meeting for the Women’s Day committee. Oh well, players there’s always next year. As always the official credo of liars and cheaters is also in effect, so whatever happens during M.L.K. weekend stays in M.L.K. weekend.

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