You Can Get With This, Or You Can Get With That…


BILLY X. SUNDAY says just get with it and register to vote.

The battle between KanYe and Fifty Cent was exactly one year ago. It was as exciting to see as a heavyweight wrestling match. KanYe was the brash, young contender and Fifty was the veteran. The hype and buildup was the best thing Hip-Hop has done in a while. No event this year generated the hype of that contest. The NaS album following Lil’ Wayne’s blockbuster has been our biggest story, but even that doesn’t come near the KanYe/Fifty publicity machine.

What the backstory of the KanYe/Fifty battle shows is that when people are motivated and activated they respond publicly. It was a great time for America in my opinion because it showed that we have a voice. We elected skinny jeans over white tee shirts. Basically. In many ways it was a test for the battle for the White House that drops this November. The Democrats are definitely the colorful cool kids while the Republicans are the older thugged out dudes. Think about it…

The Republicans have been using the model of block bully intimidation for their foreign and domestic policies. They were only fucking with the cats that couldn’t defend themselves on their own. Whether it was poor Iraqis or poor people from New Orleans the Republicans talked tough and showed them the bottom side of their boots. This is basically how Fifty Cent administers himself through rap music. Ja Rule was his Iraq. Fifty stays constantly getting at other rappers too simialr to U.S. foreign policy.

The Democrats are definitely the new, young hipster rap faction for the political world. Just because the Dems wear skinny jeans and crispy sneakers I don’t think that will make them light in the waist when it comes to dealing with other countries. Look how international the skinny jeans set is right now. M.I.A., Double O from Kidz In The Hall, SantoGold, I don’t remember who else right now, but all these cats are from other countries. My point is that the Democrats will be able to bridge the international divides that have been created by the current presidential administration.

You may like to listen to thugged out rap music. I’m not gonna say that shit is totally washed up either. Fifty has a few more incredible songs in him. I don’t know if I want to invest my vote in him for a whole album though. Where as KanYe is about to record an entire album using that vocoder autotune T-Pain device. That shit is going to be fire in the fucking clubs. My vote is going to KanYe West. At the end of the day it doesn’t really matter who we vote for just as long as register and vote.

Show the tall Israelis that run these record companies (and our country) that you are activated.

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  1. Combat Jack says:

    LIVE from Costa Rica, Good shite my dude!

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