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Shout to Young Ruby-On-Rails for this .gif

I have said time and again that Black folks should be banned from dog ownership. Michael Vick was just the tip of the iceberg. The real reason that Black people shouldn’t be allowed to own dogs is because they don’t pick up their dogs shit.

White people will buy specially made organic biodegradable recyclable plastic bags to caress their dog’s feces. Black folks leave their dog shit on the street to evaporate.

What usually happens is that I step in it.

I see this as just another offensive example of Black on Black grime.

7 Responses to “The DP Dot Com Newsdesk…”

  1. nerditry says:

    Are black folks the new French cause the streets of Paris are lined with dog shit for weeks?

  2. Enigmatik says:

    white peoples dogs take dumps, black peoples dogs leave dumps. think about it.

  3. Marvelous Mo says:

    worst smell i could remember as a child: summer time ’93 + back yard w/ grass + pitt bulls = FUNK

    I am the superior New Yawker. My pivot game avoiding dog shit > michael phelps olympic medals.

    i thought your pivot game would be > mine being that you’re a sneaker fiend and don’t want your shits to get…well shit..on ’em. smh @ you Dallas

  4. P.Villa says:

    word. creepin’ through the back streets of Jerome Ave is no joke at 7am on a hot summer morning is no fun w/ dog crap everywhere. Latino’s should be added to the ban, as well.

    I’m dyin’ over here @ Young Ruby-on-Rails… I’m lovin’ the web dev. humor…haha!

  5. the_dallas says:

    That shit foils me sometimes when I be coming home at 4am after a notorious obama.

  6. omegaSb says:

    fuckin shit ….

  7. lola gets says:

    I live in the gentrifying neighborhood of Shaw, Washington DC. At some community meetings, I have witnessed shouting fights over dog feces left on the ground. Its usually older Black folks blaming white (and their variously colored gentrifying partners’) for leaving the shit where folks can step on it. But, as you pointed out, theyre not the ones to blame! Its BLACK FOLKS that dont pick that shit up! I know, cause Im one of them!

    Ok, ok, so I dont actually own a dog…but when I walk my friends when theyre out of town…I dont pick that shit up. Im sorry, but I just dont want to. It doesnt happen that often, so deal with it.

    Oh, and for the older Black folks…take the veils off of your eyes and realize its your own kind thats befouling your streets…so stop all that yelling!


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