America = So Broke, Yet So Brazen

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The fallout from Black Friday is coming thru the news wire. People were rioting at the local K-Mart and rampaging through J.C.Penney. All of this madness is created by the mainstream media telling people to buy shit like every minute.

I am in debt up to my eye sockets so I can’t even get hyped up for the annual bloodbath of overhyped, overpriced, undervalued bullshiite. I do not need a combo vacuum cleaner/food processor/mp3 player. No one is selling anything that we really need. Americans need a group subscription to a pyschotherapist. They need someone to smack the shit out of them and tell them that salvation will not have a red tag at TARGET.

Here we are knee deep in some wicked bullshiite in Iraq, we dropped the ball and fucked up the crap we were doing in Afghanistan, everyone in Washington D.C. and Camden, N.J. is a criminal, people in N’awlins are wearing cigar boxes as sandals, EDDIE MURPHY is a flaming faggot and NICK and JESSICA are getting divorced. I guess I shouldn’t blame Americans for being the unconscious consumer sheep that they are. Shit is fucked the fuck up.

I am going to leave my parents’ basement now and go to the mall. My fat azz needs a sports bra.

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    I just happened to see this…Where have I been?
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