Life Imitating Art In The Worst Way…

no country

Mexican drug dealers are pretty bad ass. We learned this shit from the movie ‘No Country For Old Men’ where we had several scenes of bad ass Mexican drug dealers shooting up shit like there was no tomorrow.

It’s not just gunplay either that makes the Mexican cartels so hardbody. They are types of cats to abduct kids for torture and ransom.

Abducted Nevada boy found alive in Las Vegas

In this downturning economy I can imagine that the Mexican drugdealers will transition their business portfolios to include the more lucrative trade of selling that white…


3 Responses to “Life Imitating Art In The Worst Way…”

  1. evan says:

    The fuck for?

    They’re just giving kids away in Nebraska :

  2. Billy Sunday says:

    ^ Damn, when children of white have so little value we have truly come to end of days

  3. evan says:

    You can always inquire here for straight talk on white. They don’t know I take notes at our meetings.

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