cRap Music Sucks Anus!

My homegirl FENDI called me up with tickets for the 50th annual HOT 97 SUMMER JAM. This was a great chance for me to see some of rap music’s new megastars like CHINGY and the EASTSIDE BOYZ, and don’t let me forget to mention JADAKISS! Why am I not motivated?!? Something is telling me that rap music has greedily fed on itself to the point that is now almost irrelevant.

I get so worn down when I listen to the lyrics of the new artists in the music. The glory of pushing bricks has long faded for me. Being a drug dealer is a full time job and any hustler that I ever encountered that was more interested in being a rapper than in focusing on the career he had in his hand ended up being a dead hustler. Who out here is for the kids? Where is PUBLIC ENEMY or X-CLAN or GANGSTARR or PETE ROCK and C.L. SMOOTH? Where is O.D.B.???

Combine the current tragically fallacious lyrics with the media attention from outlets that had formerly held an N.U.D.(NON URBAN DIRECTIVE) until they saw how much money rap was generating. I get pissed off when an entertainment outlet like MTV releases programs like “the 20 greatest rappers of all time” and KOOL G RAP is not on the list… and TUPAC is number one! Call me a hater.

I also must be getting old because on sunday I didnt go to the 100th annual PUERTO RICAN DAY PARADE. Now I have to wait another year before I can sing that song, ‘GUANTANAMERA! GUAJIRA GUANTANAMERA!’ It’s just as well because that event lost its luster when the police changed their groping laws enforcement. If you cant pull a complete stranger’s halter top off… where is the joy? I have never dated a Puerto Rican woman but I did go out with a Guaynese girl, which is equal to about half a Haitian, which is 3/4 of a Dominican, which is just as good as any Puerto Rican.

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  1. 911 says:

    Well your the only person I know that isn’t on the bandwagon…you created it…lol..I kid…rightfully so though…things done changed…u don’t like Jadakiss..? How? Why?

  2. CM says:

    RAP bums me out – what genre could people with less talent make a living, make millions, buy a HUMMER??? Let’s see……we’ll get somebody to lay down a BEAT, write down some CRAP about stealing stuff, smoking crack and getting laid and keep telling people that it’s ART [through the brainwashing media] the masses will buy it [like they/we do whatever else the media sells them like idiotic little mindless animals, mice on a wheel, lambs to the slaughter….] Like wearing pants that don’t fit, putting hats on turned to the side, bling, bling, bling – WHATEVER!!!! Whoever can’t write a song, play an instrument or sing…guess what ??? YOU CAN RAP!!! Don’t worry – there’s hope for everybody ! AND – if you CAN’T do that – HANG IN THERE, you can be a PRODUCER!!! I LOVE that one.

    I am listening to some new bands lately that can actually write some music, perform, sing…what a novelty. It’s hard to find but they are coming back – people playing guitar!! I don’t just mean 2 guys strumming the same damn power chords tuned down a step, guy SCREAMING [what the hell is that all about???] I mean somebody able to pull off a guitar solo [without SHREDDING] Melodys, nice tones………tasty, hearfelt, memorable

    I am NOT anti this, anti that for the sake of pissing, moaning, complaining….I am really open minded about music – my tastes span the spectrum of styles/genres….it’s just that somethings really suck – hey, disco did, right?? We all [most of the population agree on that, yes??] I am here to say that RAP is the disco of the new millenium. If you got talent [other than cashing in on some HIP-HOP hip CRAP and buying a new CRIB and having a bunch of HO’s in a new video with your hat turned sideway and your friggin’ pants hanging down….WRITE A SONG with a melody, a chorus, a major HOOK, great lyrics and PLAY A FRIGGIN’ GUITAR SOLO.


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