I am officially quitting the game today. I can’t take this shit any longer. Ye’ Tudda is going in on this Akira shit and I am making videos with Tron Guy.



The new Air Yeezy’s are all about that future funk footwear. They have premium suedes and embossed leathers and the sickest lacing system since the last time Nike did it to def.

I need y’all to imagine me rocking the black joints. Or the cool ghey ones. I really need the black ones though.



I wish niggas like myself got to live big like KanYe West and Spike Lee, and I suppose we do once we become those dudes.

I’m used to classism in all kinds of other shit but now that classism effects the sneakers I want to consume I have to get out of the game.

Anyone interested in a few size 12’s?


14 Responses to “SNEAKER FIENDS UNITE!”

  1. Jaislayer says:

    When do they drop. The grey joints are no joke. I hope they are not priced as high as those LV’s that kanye has out. Peace

  2. Luq says:

    Size 12 is my size… but I don’t know if I can bring myself to drop the 300 that I hear they might be costing…

  3. Dom Corleone says:

    Tan ones > Black ones > Gray ones

    I’ma cop the tans, no diggity.

  4. HowfreshEats says:

    Talk to me DP. Maxes or forces- no dunks.

    And hate aside, these are some of the worst shits ever. They’re busy, they’re bulky and most of all UGLY. I can’t wear the Revolutions anymore because those are too big- these shits dwarf them. If the sneaker ended at the sole- ground up that is- they’re the Jordan 3s and decent. These high top George Jetson futuristic shits are just too OD. All they did was jack some Creative Rec and make it worse. I didn’t think that was even possible. Supras are terrible too. Nike’s laughing.

  5. J™ says:

    Those grey ones are killin’ it

  6. king blair says:

    hell to the yes size 12 for me I’m goldilocks an them my porage justttttttt rightttttttt

  7. the_dallas says:

    The future ain’t for everybody to see. It frightens mere mortals, but the god ain’t scurred.

    I would be going absolutely apeshit if these joints had a TL Max sole or a 360 platform.

    All that aside I have quit the sneaker game. Stay tuned as I put my collection up for grabs. OG Air Tech Challenge, OG Air Resistance, KG Flightposite, AM 1’s, 90s, 95s, 180s, 360s, even a few Air Force 1s in the offering.

    Dunks of course because those is mah sheeeeet.

  8. king blair says:

    I’m here for you when you part wit the kicks just slide them the king’s way

  9. 40 says:

    Limited to 9000 pairs… $275 MSRP which means $400+ and mad lines of people waiting for them. Which I will subsequently chair the first nigga slippin’ on line at NIketown. This is the recession and times is hard…

  10. DirtyJerz says:

    DP, you’re a man of integrity…you said your were gonna quit the game after the release of AY’s….Bring ’em out so I can pick up where I PU’ed!

  11. Timmo says:

    Akira is whack whack whack whack, i mean any movie where the soundtrack is just the characters names over and over has gotta be whack. Tron is disney shit too and we all know how racist and crappy disney are. So replacement suggestions = japanese films – Negative Happy Cahinsaw edge. Sci Fi “lifes fucked, but this ish looks fucking amazing” Movie – Metropolis. Nike sneaks….

  12. fats says:

    whats the price on these joints? is it really $275 and only 9000 pairs? that means of course that only a few people will be able to get them and most of them will subsequently wind up on ebay like the air questos………sh*t

    when youre ready to sell your kicks let me know my brother from another. size 12 rules!


  13. Yellow Rebel says:

    black ones im digging

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