Hot Chicks x Fly Kicks…

big gulp

These Nike SB’s are called the ‘Big Gulps’.

How appropriate?

Playboy mag is jumping on the sneaker fiends bandwagon.

Here’s a confession that I don’t think any of you ever expected to hear from me…

I don’t like to mix my pr0n with my sneaker fetish. Just like I don’t want to see a German smut video where some fraulein shoves action figures up her love slot.

Somebody make all these new sneaker collectors go away.

Not this chick though, just them other clowns.

big gulp

6 Responses to “Hot Chicks x Fly Kicks…”

  1. 40 says:

    Hi my name is 40 Diesel and I have on more than one occasion boned a chick, stunt, past wifeys, with a brand new, unlaced pair of kicks on.

    Admission is the first step.

  2. nerditry says:

    @DP : I think you should be most worried about catching a case of retifism and catching that Viagra quick on the next SFU Tour. Also means no more sweat pants + Nikes.

  3. king blair says:

    Better if she was buck naked

  4. Pinky says:

    are they my big gulps?

  5. kasmoney says:

    id let her suck on my big gulp….

    but those sneaks reming me of the kool-aid man for some reason…

  6. with a brand new, unlaced pair of kicks on.

    ^^ahah true luxury

    I can’t believe the guy at Footlocker told me he wouldn’t get the Griffeys…I had to be quiet before I said something I’d regret

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