DP2FTV On The Radio…


Hey young world!

Click the link here to listen to your boy DP on the HoodHype radio show.

I talks all that good shit with the hosts J-Mack, Major and Phro.

I teach them the techniques to creating a Futuristic Brunch and I promise them I will drink them to death during my next visit to the D.

They call that shit the “Mitten”.

3 Responses to “DP2FTV On The Radio…”

  1. khal says:

    NICE! you that dude, DP. keep doing your thing.

  2. khal says:

    this is hilarious, and you kick that real shit.

  3. Polotron says:

    “And just to be clear, I wasn’t the one who said that shit about Kanye’s album, Dallas was.”

    I think I like this kid…

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