One of my favorite debates that I like to have on Twitter is the one where I say that KFC >>> Popeye’s.

That shit brings all the chickenheads out of the woodwork.

My boy DJ Rayz, who has been known to do some pro bono graphic design for DP dot com, sends me this newsreel video from Rochester, New York where a Popeye’s restaurant has run out of chicken.


20 Responses to “FUCK YO’ CHICKEN!”

  1. khal says:

    how does a place that sells chicken run out of chicken?

  2. p-city says:

    >>> “I’m more disappointed than angry… we’ve been looking forward to this day.”

    …shaking my head…

  3. Dj Rayz says:

    “No Chicken???” Where my white folk at in that story?

    Thanks for the shout DP.

  4. Dave Lucas says:

    Let’s make sure Kenny Rogers doesn’t get hold to this! 🙂

  5. nerditry says:

    That chicken deal from last week set the world on fire to the tune of a couple dollars discount.

    Popeye’s by my boy’s house had 15 cars circling the drive thru lane (spilling out onto the street) and 30+ people inside waiting.

    In 2009, Denny’s and Popeye’s are promo kings.

  6. Jaislayer says:

    WOW!!! That is some funny shit…sad…but funny. Them fools could have picked up some chicken from Pathmark and fried that at the house for $6.00 and have more than 8 pieces.

    In the words of Bill Cosby “Come On People!!”

  7. dubble13 says:

    No chicken?


  8. Jdotnicholas says:

    Listen to ‘Ballskin’ by DOOM and watch that animated gif upthread. LOL!

    I’ve already put this yootoob drop through its paces through my crew – ‘soft racism’ is only the beginning of this piece – why the news needed to spend 2:30 minutes to black people looking for their chicken fix.

    Chick Chicken Chick Chick Chick Chicken…

  9. universal truth says:

    This disaster is enough to cause an Organized Konfusion reunion.

  10. Jaislayer says:

    Haha… Who stole my last piece of chicken

  11. This disaster is enough to cause an Organized Konfusion reunion.

    ^ JoJo@1:50

  12. 40 says:

    I finally watched this… I’m speechless.

    Dave Chappelle couldn’t have even done this that well.

  13. LM says:

    @jaislayer: Safeway had an eight-piece fried chicken deal two weeks ago for that same $5.99. Served hot!

    @40: “Dave Chappelle couldn’t have even done this that well.” Was wondering where I’d seen this kind of news report before — thanks.

  14. sangano says:


  15. Big Homie says:

    They ran out of chicken because they were doing that 8 pieces $4.99 deal that day. Of course the place was going to run out at the locations in the hood (no shots)

    Here in DC most places had no parking in the lot and it was impossible to drive in. The drive thrus were long as shit. A few places here closed down as well.

  16. E* says:

    2009 release your inner slave people. Pathmark fried chicken > Popeyes & KFC…

  17. the_dallas says:

    PathMark fried chicken is the BUSINESS!

    And I got the video to prove it.

    A catfight between chickenheads nearly jumped off

    –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7AqcTfboKk

  18. Zebra says:

    L@@k @ the smiling white bitch on the right @ the end of the video…She’s grin’n like “We tricked them niggas real good didn’t we!”

  19. Jay Smooth says:

    I was not aware of this Pathmark situation.. can this be tested out at the one on 125?

  20. HowfreshEats says:

    Bojangles used to get in. Anybody tried the Kentucky GRILLED Chicken? Joe Cleezy makes a good sell on it.

    “You got a cat on your head. Don’t play with me.”

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