the Negroidian thespian

The FRESH PRINCE has another movie dropping this weekend. When I am long gone from this planet I am confident that Will Smith is going to named a patron saint for all the work that he has done to help white get their shit together. From MEN IN BLACK, to BAGGER VANCE, to HITCH, The FRESH PRINCE has been putting in work. FRESH PRINCE follows in a long line of Black men that have been ready to take a beating, or even the bullet for their benefactors. Here’s the short list…

1) JUPITER was the name of Thomas Jefferson’s personal slave, er… valet
2) SAMMY DAVIS Jr. was an incredibly talented munchkin mascot for the Rat Pack
3) BILL COSBY held ROBERT CULP’s jockstrap on I SPY
4) Mr.T’s B.A. BARACUS could protect a whole battalion of lame white(the A-TEAM)
5) CHEWBACCA was forced to talk ebonics Wookie style to HAN SOLO
6) Dr.DRE took a witty-rhyming, dirty backpacker to the top of the world

I am sure that you have your personal faves but we should all agree that FRESH PRINCE is on his way to sainthood status. I remember FRESH PRINCE and JAZZY JEFF performing one friday night at a club called UNION SQUARE. FRESH PRINCE wore a Le COQ SPORTIF sweatsuit and he had this super-chiseled Cameo cut. I still own the POLO rugby that I wore back in 1986, but I doubt that FRESH PRINCE still has that Le COQ sweatshirt. Well, I guess we can see who the loser is?

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