RYAN LEAF is the main reason former San Diego Chargers GM BOBBIE BEATHARD lost his gig. LEAF is a monster headcase and a bigger drug addict than DARYL STRAWBERRY and DWIGHT GOODEN combined. There was a time though during his college career when LEAF was considered the best quarterback in the nation.

RYAN LEAF and PEYTON MANNING were the first two draft picks in the 1998 draft. From that point LEAF made one of the most remarkable, precipitous falls from grace. Even MICHAEL VICK would be like “Daaaaayyyyyyum!” RYAN LEAF is under indictment in Texas for burglary and possession of a controlled substance while he is currently undergoing drug rehab in British Columbia.

You don’t go to Canada to get OFF drugs. You go to Canada to GET drugs. The good thing for LEAF is that he hasn’t kicked any dogs.

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  1. 1969 says:

    Yeah….if you kick a dog, God help you. I am amazed at how the pundits are saying that Vick needs to volunteer for PETA or some other animal rights group in order to get re-instated back into the NFL. That it should be a privilege to play in the league. WHAT THE FUDGE?

    The same league of drug addicts, wife beaters, non-child support paying, attempted murderers? Miss me with that.

    If Vick pled guilty and served his time. Then he has paid for his crime. Eff becoming a spokesperson for Peta….he did JAIL time and it’s done. WHen is paying your debt enough?

    Not saying he should be allowed back in but what about the rest of the criminals that suit up on any given Sunday?

  2. the_dallas says:

    Thx 1969 for your comment.

    Sometimes I wonder why I waste my time staying up all night writing shit on this weblog when I could have been on Twitter doing nothing?

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