Best. Restaurant. EVAR!!!


Props to the good people from Who Walk In Brooklyn, who conversely hit the pavement in other boroughs as well…

Shouts also go to our good friend, Mighty Healthy spokesmodel, professional alcoholic beverage mixologist and sz14 Sneaker Fiend 40 Deez who makes a bit of a star turn on terrestrial television.

I hope that when Diesel is giving TYRA BANKS her backshots he smacks the weave off her head.

Also, that phony television laugh… *dead*

11 Responses to “Best. Restaurant. EVAR!!!”

  1. nerditry says:

    Eff your news, 40 Diesel can only be seen on IMAX!

  2. dubble13 says:

    That is a good look for 40Deisel…aka Mr. Warm and Sensitive…aka OJ(!)..

    40D: Will you be in the next commercial? You shoulda hooked up with the golddigger next to you.

  3. 40 says:

    I was actually scheming on the co-host chick. But the Mick Jagger Swagger was too real… LOL

  4. HowfreshEats says:

    Based on the image I thought 40 was rallying for some shit at City Hall. Looking presidential. Did the kicks have the ladies open?

  5. 40 says:

    LOL @ Fresh.

    You would appreciate them. Vintage AF1 highs Black & White. With custom red and green Gucci strap. I’m gonna have to head out tonight and see what’s good.

  6. Kiana says:

    LOL I’m having a hard time believing Drew Peterson is the same guy who told us to add a finger’s width of peach schnapps to the bottom of a concoction that begins with drinking down a 40 oz of olde english – to the label.

  7. Combat Jack says:

    Good look 40, but did dude connect u to OJ?

  8. Misha says:

    I’d give 40 a shot, i like em big and lightskined

  9. slumdog millionairess says:

    did he just call you OJ!?!?!?!?!?!

    as a way to attract the ladies? wow…

  10. 40 says:

    It was in reference to “Finding a new nickname” since I share governments with another wife murderer… No shots fired. Plus you can’t front on OJ the NFL Legend and quirky pratfalling sidekick to Frank Drebin.

    Ironically is that if there’s one more domestic violence murder by a Peterson (first Scott, now the other Drew…) then “Pulling a Peterson” may actually gain a slangular foothold…

  11. They probably would love to meet the owner of Young Dong restaurant in L.A.’s Koreatown.

    (wouldn’t ever eat there by the way….because I’m not a Korean food guy)

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