OBIE TRICE Really Wants You To Buy His Album

obie trigger trice

Hey kids, back those hard drives up for the New Year. I assed out (no homo) by not doing just that and in early 2004 my PC committed suicide. I lost all of my magazine work that I had not saved for about 16 months. I lost my all of my interview transcripts – DIPSET, DJ KAY SLAY, GRUPO AVENTURA, MIKE EPPS, TRICK TRICK, 50 CENT and OBIE TRICE. I don’t have any paper copies so that work is gone forever. I needed the CAM’RON pictures and interview two months ago. I need the OBIE TRICE interview right about now.

You prah’lee heard that ol’ boy was shot the fuck up this weekend. He and his girlfriend were on a freeway in Detroit early this morning when the incident occured. OBIE is a cool dude as far as crappers go and I can’t imagine who might want to shoot him since he is non-confrontational and he hasn’t had a single released in two years. That is just more proof to the overall gulliness of Detroit city. How crazy would it be though if OBIE TRICE shot himself while getting head in the whip?!?

OBIE TRICE is in stable condition at a Detroit hospital so I guess the lyrics from ‘We All Die One Day’ aren’t applicable yet…

Niggas when I step up in the bar, faggots wanna look
like you motherfuckers got Obie Trice shook
Like I’m gonna stand here as a man and
let some queer ass funny looking nigga get the upper hand
I got issues, got no time, got guns that mourn nigga’s moms
shoot up clubs and destroy nigga’s vibes
everybody running for their motherfucking lives
Tough club niggas, we leave early, cock back surely
open up your fade, your grey brain meets motor city pave
your nervous system still twitch off Jay Z
O’s an animals skirts get mercked
don’t ever let a nigga tell you slugs don’t hurt
don’t ever let a nigga tell you play the bar hard
trust in GOD cause you’re about to catch a bullet scar
I give a fuck where you from who you be with
keep this a secret right by the nuts
a 4-5 that’ll light niggas up and this 4-5 high make me not give a fuck

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