Lightsaber Rap For The Win…


I finally figured out what Jay-Z was up to with the concept of the Blueprint 3.

Lightsaber rap.

When I first heard the leaked song ‘Ghetto Techno’ I thought that Jay-Z was coming out with Sprockets Rap which is also futuristic just not as lightspeed traveling as lightsaber rap.


Sure Sprockets Rap is accompanied with a laser light show and we know that Jay-Z loves lasers, but he also fux with Natalie Portman who we all know is Queen Amidala who was smitten by the charismatic, talented and agressive Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker could have been the greatest Jedi ever, but he wanted it all no matter what the cost to others. Kind of like who you become when you sell crack cocaine to the people that you live with.


Wanting rewards with no consideration of the consequences to others is surely the path to the dark side (natch).

So when the Imperial Grand Moffs, more popularly known as the t.I.’s who run Live Nation, contracted Jay-Z with that handsome $150 million bounty I think he fully embraced the idea of being the Bossk of this rap shit.


That is where the H8rZ track comes in. Can’t you hear the lasers and lightsabers in the background dueling one another? I hear that shit, but I am also from the future.

When Jay-Z spits his verse on that fast rap shit he becomes one of the best rappers in the galaxy. The force is powerful in this dude.

Too bad he turned on Jaz-O like Anakin did on Obi-Wan.


14 Responses to “Lightsaber Rap For The Win…”

  1. Gee says:

    Can you hollar at me on email or tweet? I need a fast favor and think you can help because it is related to this post. G

  2. wax says:

    sorry DP – even Jay’s dope flow cannot save this album from the weak ass beats I’m hearing. I guess I’m an old man now, cos I aint feelin these casio keyboard fisher price my first beats productions.

  3. Lion XL says:

    WTF??????…….OK, so DOA isn’t the best track out, but at least it was throwback Jay….

    But this SHIT?….might as well channel DAS RACIST!!!!!

    and what the hell was that at 1:15???? peeoow peeow????? SM-mother-effin-H

  4. Didn’t this clown retire?

    Or maybe it’s a new genre, since Jay’s such an “innovator”: Oprah rap?

    Got-damn: even Yeezy can’t save this, not that he should REALLY try. (And I hope Kanye keeps careful with guest spots because he AIN’T prodigal on the mic or with beats: he’s a very talented, hard worker, who’s a fucking drag when he’s coasting, like here.)

    Makes “Change Clothes” sound “classic,” I’ll grant that.

    And Jay “owns” how much of the New Jersey Nets again?

    #s please, because Shawn is for the children.

    Thanks for saving me room on the hard drive DP– this shit ain’t even worth deleting.

    Motherfuck mass media hegemony, however, still should be a hot indian summer–

    just ask your local Canarsie!

    OBCL2 + MOP Foundation + KRS-One & Buckshot “Survival Skills” + Ghost “Wizard Of Poetry”

    Camrom “Crime Pays” >>>> BP3 also, speaking of poetry.

  5. AH HUH says:

    GAAAARRRRBBBBAAAAAAAGE …….. No, not just garbage, it’s RUBBISH garbage. ……… Nice try with the futuristic bullshit and star wars comparison ….. not even that that can save it.

    Since you’re from the future and all that, you obviously must be enjoying that little cheque Jay and Kanye broke off for you to push their sad failure of a Blueprint 3 Project on this site, right?! …… also while you’re in the future, please collect some good material to post for us(present-time) loyal followers and readers of DP ……… the fact that blueprint isn’t making the numbers in the future (where YOU are from of course), has nothing to do with us so stop trying to make us like it or buy into the hype …….. it REALLY is a shit sandwich and you know the saying ….. “SHIT STICKs” ….. in this case DP, its stuck on your teeth buddy.

  6. Master CHeef says:

    Dallas, what the fux is up with disney buying marvel comics?
    are they gonna pussify your mans, tony starks, and my boy, wolverine? speak on it. i got a feeling this cant be good (on the other hand, this joint i’m bout to smoke…).

  7. the_dallas says:

    There haven’t been too many details released yet on the Disney acquisition of Marvel Entertainment but there were plenty of Marvel people running around on the TWitter saying that everything was still the same.

    There were NO Disney people making this claim.

  8. Master CHeef says:

    aw shit. preciate da info. hope you keep us updated on this breaking story.

  9. the_dallas says:

    I apologize for chopping your comment. You among all folks would be in the pocket for that Bossk image. I’m on my Blaxberry and this shit is clumsy as an Imperial blaster.

    I’m bugging out that I realize I write my shit for a tiny percentage of the population that is addicted to Star Wars, sneakers, fast food and weed.

    I’m the Dennis Miller of this blog shit.

  10. Polotron says:

    Good look for Jay on Politically Incorrect…not so much on his treatment of Jaz.

    I’m gonna give this a listen, but based on SkullCrusher and WWS, WWIB’s comments, I hold out little hope.

    Sadly Dallas, you can’t be trusted after 808’s and Nonsense, combined w/ putting Kanye in your top 10.

    Go Yanks!

  11. Polotron says:

    I can’t comment on the lyrical content of the 1st….I couldn’t even make it that far.

    On to H8rz: Now I ask, were we not in the process of killing off autotune? However, if I’m not careful (read: can’t stay home) this track might grow to be listenable/workable.

    *sigh* Note to Pleasant Smelling Big Butts w/ Smiles: YOU ARE FOREVER THE (musical) DARKSIDE….

    2 weeks ’til KR and Buck….save us!!!

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