Charles Rangel Was Asleep At The Wheel…


CHARLES RANGEL is a typical representative in the Beltway. He has his hands in so much shit he doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. His biggest position was in being chairman of the Ways and Means committee. He was crucial in determining the rate of taxation for Wall Street corporations. Today he was forced to resign as the chairman of the House Ways and Means committee lest he drag down other Democrats into his ethics clusterfux.

RANGEL’s tireless efforts to keep the wealthy rolling in the bucks garnered him handsome junkets to the Caribbean. RANGEL has also presided over the transformation of Harlem and north Manhattan while he was the NY rep in the House of Reps. New York City will never be the same and I don’t think any politician other than SHIRLEY CHISHOLM had the mettle to defend the proletariat.

RANGEL can’t retire soon enough and if you live in RANGEL’s NY-15 district please vote for his challenger, VINCENT MORGAN during the Democratic primary in September. Between Harold Ford Jr., NY governor David Patterson and Now Rangel, 2010 has been a shitty year for jig politicos. VINCENT MORGAN can reverse the trend.

6 Responses to “Charles Rangel Was Asleep At The Wheel…”

  1. getthesenets says:

    power corrupts

    didn’t rangel get that congr. seat because adam clayton powell was doing shady stuff?

    decades later he’s gonna lose his seat over the bullshit..

  2. Children of Sanchez says:

    same shit different asshole

  3. RTHSTN says:

    Charles Rangel Was Asleep At The Wheel….
    That pic & headline is too funny!

    Politics = WWE This is some soap opera shit

  4. 6 100 says:

    Rangel is a dirtbag, but he keeps the cash flowing to NYC. God knows middle Amerca would make mad cuts to NYC federal funding otherwise.

    Rangels replacement a Bay Area anti-Zionist atheist with a loose mouth who’s real name is Fortney[||] At least he sounds interesting.

    Dont get me started on Harold Ford Jr. He’s the classic example of being the token cool black guy who people only like because he’s so fair skinteded and well spoken. Fuck that bitch ass nigga.

    Paterson’s situation is just sad, son. I really feel for dude[||]. The reason he can’t govern is because the Legislature cant legislate.

  5. $yk! says:

    Classic picture. He looks like a pregnant wino.

    That man has had is hand in the cookie jar for decades. And he pays section-8 type rent.

  6. BIGNAT says:

    the thing i hate the most that bloated fucking cow might fuck better looking bitches than me. then i have a warm feeling of pride because i know he ugly ass will have to pay thousands. just to touch some pussy word to eliot spitzer mwhahahahha.

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