DP.com Is For The Childerans…

coup d'etat

Okay, so we all saw the ERYKAH BADU video right ?

Have we all watched the ‘Scarface School Play’?

Both are super effective viral videos aimed at sparking a discussion concerning the images that we see on the daily and take for granted on how they shape our consciousness. Sex and violence are uber-pervasive memes in our culture. Sports might be the most consumed, most egregious combination of the two. Think about it, conquest and domination through the use of men playing with balls. Do you still need to see the pause sign? Fine, [ll].

Video games pick up the slack for those folks not interested in the passive act of simply watching television. These are the folks that want some hand-eye stimulation. Again, [ll]. Sex and violence are the pre-text, subtext and the text message for our cultural entertainment. Why else would Lady Gaga be so damn popular? She plays to our most basic desires of witnessing sex and violence.

EYKAH BADU spoke to Black Entertainment Television about the process of creating her viral video…

BADU’s video ‘Window Seat’ speaks to our most base visceral inclinations, which are sex and violence. Say what you want to about BADU, but she found a way to push people’s buttons without exploiting children.

6 Responses to “DP.com Is For The Childerans…”

  1. getthesenets says:

    clever title…………..badu was onstage presenting when dirt dog bumrushed the grammys.

    scarface for kids is disgusting…

  2. $yk says:

    Man this Erykah shock-n-awe is EVERYWHERE, even bum media outlets/channels looking for attention.

    Just like she planned. She won.

    Got the them trying to incite a Salem witch/lynch mob as we speak…

  3. getthesenets says:

    3 dollars and 6 dimes/

    you may laugh……..

  4. $yk says:

    …but you did not do your MATH….

  5. Right as Badu was about to pull the shorts off, if you look close enough, you can see the exact moment when Common & 3stacks lost their ever-loving minds.

    DOC & Jay Elechannakah must be immune to “it”.

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    “…I knew once I took off the hoodie, there was no turning back.”

    Thank you, Erykah, for not turning back. The shock & awe was from the assumption that most of us thought your vegan lifestyle couldn’t afford you such an amazing QuarterPounder bump @ the bottom of your back.

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