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Hope springs eternal perennially during baseball’s opening day. Every team can at least stake a claim to being undefeated for a few hours. In all honesty I already know who the contenders and the pretenders are. But I will still watch the games anyhoo

The World Baseball Championships only proved that the Mexican diaspora still contains the best beisbol players in the world overall with the Japanese a super close second. And why not? All the athletic jigs are playing basketball or in jail or they are in jail playing basketball and the priveleged jocks are playing lacrosse and raping strippers. I blame 3-6 MAFIA. Aren’t those the cats that just said to ‘Whoop That Trick?!?’

barry b

The story this baseball season will be BARRY BONDS. He is getting a taste of the MIKE TYSON media package. Thats where print media and talk radio both join forces to create the new boogeyman. O.J. got to be that man for a few years and KOBE BRYANT even had a taste. Nobody ever got it like MIKE TYSON did, no, I take that back. MUHAMMAD ALI was dragged through the dirt something serious, but ALI was able to get a good rebbe to change his storyline. I don’t see things for BARRY working out that well. He has all the charisma of a scuffed boot. I think I have even heard of him speak in the third person something like, “Why is it BARRY can’t get no love”.

I sure don’t love BARRY, but I can smell a rat fag sportswriter a mile away. The two humps that have crafted the million little needles story about BARRY’s steroid use fucked up biggtime when they said that BARRY is a bigot because his father BOBBY BONDS and his ‘uncle’ WILLIE MAYS drilled that into his head. I didn’t call these writers fags just because they’re San Francisco homosexuals, but because they have created a storyline that places the black eye of bigotry on two of baseball’s great statesmen. How dare these fags kick dirt on BOBBY BONDS when he is dead and he can’t defend himself. WILLIE MAYS lived and played baseball through the virulent racism of this country just as the major leagues was being integrated. There isn’t one teammate of his, of any ethnicity, of any race, that would have a cross word to say about him.

Whose legacy do these two homos think they are fucking with?!? Their names are MARK FAINARU-WADA and LANCE WILLIAMS and I only mention that in case they will be at a book signing in your area. I plan to attend at least one of these gatherings and take these faggots to task about their remarks against WILLIE MAYS and BOBBY BONDS. If these humps want BARRY BONDS to get smeared then they had better stick to that agenda, but when they try to shit on the ‘Say Hey Kid’ they are fucking with the wrong Negro.

Word is bond.

say hey

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  1. Amadeo says:

    I can support that sir. The thing that I love about all of this is that if the investigator really does his job, than what we will really see is the indifference and ineptitude of Selig, Bush and all of the owners at the time when the Steriods era was ushered in.

  2. Buttfukker says:

    eat shit and die assbag.

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