Takin’ It To The Streets 2010


Takin’ It to the Streets 2010… GET FAMILIAR!

Here at dallaspenn.com, you already know that if that real hip-hop is going down anywhere on God’s green earth, we’re there. Plain and simple. NY to the Windy City to wherever. So it’s absolutely no question that we have to put the whole Midwest (and actually the whole internets) onto the hip-hop event of the summer that’s going down in Chicago this Saturday, hosted by the Inner-city Muslim Action Network (aka IMAN), the most amazing, awe-inspiring non-profit around. Mos Def. Brother Ali. The blogs’ favorite, Mikkey Halsted. And many, many, many more. Marquette Park. 9 am to 9 pm. Straight up 12 hours of that real hip-hop. Get familiar, clear out your Saturday, and make your way to Marquette Park for an unforgettable event.

See you there, internets!

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  1. SlumBLC says:

    UPDATE 1: Rhymefest and Freeway also confirmed!

    UPDATE 2: Brother Ali does a song about Streets:


    UPDATE 3: K’naan shouts out Streets:


  2. SlumBLC says:

    UPDATE 4: Timeout Chicago calls Streets the “best free summer festival this year”:


  3. SlumBLC says:

    UPDATE 5: Oh yeah…IT’S FREE ;).

  4. the_dallas says:

    Thanx for this drop Slum.

    FREE is what’s really good.

    All Chi-Town internets need to make that move.

  5. a-one says:

    i woulda gone if i knew about it sooner

  6. DirtyJerz says:

    SlumBeezy!!! you are def on yo’ J-O!
    This show looks like a monster!
    I’m grateful that I’m finally working, but hurt that I can’t hit the road for this.

  7. Slumbilical says:

    @ DirtyJerz congrats that you’re working homie, gotta provide for self and for fam-o, you’ll be there in spirit – holla!

  8. @Jerz-

    Maybe Starbucks will send you out as a representative (no Boot Camp)…

    Grand$. Out.

  9. DirtyJerz says:

    TG, *$’s would definitely win!

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