Dice Raw Is David Copperfield…

david copperfield

Dice e-mailed me this lastnite to remind folks that he isn’t simply liberating his archives as opposed to just making more hot fire for your earholes [ll].

This David Copperfield joint is like catching a cold in the summer – str8 influenza mixed with amnesia and Alzeheimers. I know you thought I was gonna say AIDS, but that is a cliche Drake ad-lib.

Dice Raw >>> Drake. But y’all knew that.

Tell me this shit ain’t fire?

Dice Raw – ‘David Copperfield’

5 Responses to “Dice Raw Is David Copperfield…”

  1. LFTFL.com says:

    Do you know who produced this record?

  2. fosterakahunter says:

    Dice Raw >>> Drake. But y’all knew that.

    but you remember when dude had that solo joint that NObody can remember?

  3. LEX says:

    This is heat!

  4. fields says:

    Produced by Khari Mateen

  5. Rosa says:

    Hari, un thème très intéressant. je l’ai prise comme exemple, dans l’un de mes Livrets Pédagogiques, pour illustrer un point précis … mais je ne te dis pas encore lequel, pour ne pas t&7nf1#;in2lue8cer !… Toi non plus, tu n’aimes pas cleaner. Encore un point commun. Et si les invités font la fine mouche, ils n’ont qu’à prendre le balai et la serpillère (je n’ai aucune planète en Vierge !)

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