That was almost me after Combat Jack brought that 4Loko to the radio show.

This video is what 4Loko is doing to the current generation of Hip-Hop heads not unlike Cisco did back in the day.

We get this link from the kids at Complex mag who know what the young rappers of tomorrow will be spitting…

Figuratively, and literally.

6 Responses to “MY NAME IS EARL…”

  1. 40 says:

    Seriously? I’m always amused a people who shit on my drinking Old English when they put shit like 4Loko, Alize, Hpnotiq, Sizzurp, and Novo to name a few in their systems. I’m still amazed and grown ass folk who still take the dopefiend approach to deciding what their next cordial will be. I can’t trust a man who changes his drink like his underwear…

  2. 2Amaze says:

    Bad. Real Bad.

  3. khal says:

    you can’t even put 4loko in a class w/ alize or hpnotiq or nuvo, b/c the shit’s too cheap. 4loko is steel reserve and kool aid.

    im afraid to touch it.

  4. Brooklyn 'Lo says:

    Damn!!!! Looks like I’ll be going on a 4LOKO bender. On second thought maybe not.

  5. BIGNAT says:

    i keep hearing about them 4loko joints. my friend told me one can you good and don’t mix it with nothing or you going be done.
    @40 you have to try something new every once and awhile. it’s kinda boring drinking the same thing over and over again.

  6. Angela says:

    Dude’s nipples were bleeding. I don’t believe it.

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