So That’s Why They Call It CAN-COON!

Memin Pinguin
Mexico has been in the news a lot lately because the word is getting out that they are tired of Black people coming to their country to vacation. The government there is considering making a sambo caricature the country’s mascot and placing the images on a series of postage stamps. The first series of the stamps has sold out already.

The only problem for Mexico is that if the Jig people stop coming to that polluted country their peso will lose all of its say so. Most good-minded white have access to more exotic places where you can actually drink the water like Costa Rica, Belize and Argentina. Ku Klux Klan members on holiday won’t be able to replace all the ghetto fabulous jigs that spend thousands of dallars to return back to the States with a gastro-intestinal virus. I went to the 52nd state twice back in the 90’s for this super fly jig festival and both times I didn’t drink the Mexican water, but I came back home with my azz on fire(no homo).

I always hated the fact that Mexico only deports the midget Mayans to the U.S. All the Spanish people of regular height they keep for themselves. I met these two Mexican whores at a bullfight in the countryside region. They appeared to be supermodels to me since they were both about six foot tall and they looked like Gisele Bundchen. I thought that I was going to get myself a Mexican menage-a-trois at one-third the price(considering the dollar-peso exchange rate). I ended up bound, gagged and robbed at knifepoint by who I suspect may have been two fuckin’ Panamanian post-ops(super extra NO HOMO).

FUCK MEXICO! I am going somewhere that is safer, like Aruba.

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