Ernie Paniccioli Says “Watch The Throne”

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Editor’s note: Ernie P blesses us with a drop from the guest room…

FROM THE SUSPECT TITLE “Watch The Throne” which in Brooklynese meant watching the toilet I wondered aloud what was up.

First question, why was this released right after NYC legalized same sex marriage?

Second question, why did these two rappers HAVE to get together since neither really has any lyrical statement to make other than “I’M RICH BITCHES!” which Dave Chapelle covered so well in many a skit long, long ago.

I could go on but I am too busy trying to figure out why after making exactly 299 gazillion dollars off his brand name Ralph Lauren decided to drop the name POLO from all future clothing. Was this a big F-U to all those men of color who fiended over his wares.

Enough for now, I just finished day six of radiation and have 4 more weeks of every day treatments to go, so if I glow in the dark like a Timex you’ll know why. In the meantime enjoy a toke or two for me and watch this little clip I made as a thank you to everyone who has shown me love in my lifetime. Peace.

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  1. Lamar Debussy says:

    stay up, Ernie.



    On yardbird corners of embryonic hopes, drowned in a heroin tear.
    On yardbird corners of parkerflights to sound filled pockets in space.
    On neuro-corners of striped brains & desperate electro-surgeons.
    On alcohol corners of pointless discussion & historical hangovers.
    On television corners of cornflakes & rockwells impotent America.
    On university corners of tailored intellect & greek letter openers.
    On military corners of megathon deaths & universal anesthesia.
    On religious corners of theological limericks and
    On radio corners of century-long records & static events.
    On advertising corners of filter-tipped ice-cream & instant instants
    On teen-age corners of comic book seduction and corrupted guitars,
    On political corners of wamted candidates & ritual lies.
    On motion picture corners of lassie & other symbols.
    On intellectual corners of conversational therapy & analyzed fear.
    On newspaper corners of sexy headlines & scholarly comics.
    On love divided corners of die now pay later mortuaries.
    On philosophical corners of semantic desperadoes & idea-mongers.
    On middle class corners of private school puberty & anatomical revolts
    On ultra-real corners of love on abandoned roller-coasters
    On lonely poet corners of low lying leaves & moist prophet eyes.

    — Bob Kaufman

  2. Krashone says:

    Get well Og !

  3. superbadsolace says:

    i heard its just being dropped from the official company name, not the clothing (which I pray is accurate).

  4. illill says:

    i heard that too….which really doesnt matter. its still lo.

  5. gstatty says:

    I wonder if it’ll be jay or yeezy that will be the house husband?

  6. BIGNAT says:

    i can’t lie i wasn’t getting it until this vid hit the 3:47 mark. then everything started coming into focus.

  7. El Gringo Colombiano says:

    get well wishes, Ernie

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