Cam And Cheese…


In the early parts of the Not For Long 2011 season the best story in the game is about a Black quarterback who was the number one overall draft pick but his name isn’t Michael Vick.

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has been throwing the pigskin for yards on yards on yards even tho’ the Panthers haven’t yet cracked the wins column. I’m betting for Cam to go ham on Jacksonville today. Make sure you drop off your picks before 1pm EST.

2 Responses to “Cam And Cheese…”

  1. pmac says:

    the cam newton kool-aid is poisoned.

  2. Mark Dub says:

    It was great to see Cam win one. I think they’re going to have to stop talking isht about whether he’s ready or not. I bet folks are kickin themselves for not grabbing Steve Smith in Fantasy Football now.

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