Happy New Year Internets!

I wish I could invite all of y’all to come thru Chocolate Snowflake’s crib to help me eat this retahded apple pie she baked. She had this ginormous bag of apples from the farmer’s market on Flatbush (Grand Army Plaza) and I was like, “what the fux are you gonna do with them apples?!?”

Well Internets, how you like them apples?

9 Responses to “Happy New Year Internets!”

  1. gagmydick says:

    Holly Molly DP is eatin byhimself this apple pie…it´s not the qst time internet”s”, so we asking ourself, why da fuck this f..f… not did the ny race?

  2. abstrizzle says:


  3. Msidious says:

    Happy New my G!!!!!!!

    Slow down on that sun ya killin em’…..literally. Save a nig a slice

  4. rico says:

    some kush, apple pie and ice cream. happy new year dallas!

  5. Combat Jack says:


  6. Tone Riggz says:


  7. king blair says:

    Shizzer!!!!!! happy new year

  8. BIGNAT says:

    happy new year you could feed a tour bus of japanese people with that pie hahahaha

  9. khal says:

    CS should’ve written “this shit cray” on top of the pie.

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